July Editor’s Letter

Speak to any beauty ed worth her Bioderma makeup remover, and she can rattle off the benefits of a chemical scrub over a physical one. That’s because we’ve tested everything from R10 hand creams to R10 000 serums (all in the name of research). And while some have made us smile, others have elicited shrieks of delight and many late night phone calls. These are known as game-changers, and this rubies, is what July is all about.

Packed with products that are making headlines both globally and locally, our July rubyboxes include, Lash Card (which joins us straight from the pages of international glossies like InStyle and Vogue) and our brand new rubybox Beauty Va Va Volume Mascara that’s getting rave reviews from those of you’ve already tried it.

Think nail art is too advanced for you? Follow this easy DIY beautorial and be the game-changing ruby we know you are.
– Margaux

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