The Perfect Contour and Highlight Technique For Your Face Shape

Contouring and highlighting have both been around for decades, but only recently has the mainstream beauty industry adapted these techniques to create a more chiseled look.

The old contouring and highlighting trends were all about changing the actual look of your face, now it is all about embracing your natural shape and giving yourself a realistic-looking depth and dimension.

Take a scroll at what all is required when it comes to contouring and highlighting..

What makeup to use for contouring?

It is best to use a cream or powder three shades darker than your skin tone.

When it comes to choosing a cream or powder opt for a formula based on your skin type and texture. If your makeup tends to settle into fine lines or if you have dry skin it is recommended that you opt for a cream contour, and if you have oilier skin and want a matte finish opt for a powder.

Foundation before or after? 

Over the years contouring has changed as has the order of application. You may have applied your foundation first and then blended on some bronzer and highlighter. Now days you are meant to first blend a cream highlighter over your cheekbones, then apply your foundation on top and then finish with contour.

By blending your foundation over your highlighter you can still see our skins texture instead of seeing just an obvious highlight line, now your skin will just look naturally glowly when highlighter is placed before your foundation.


Many women usually put powder over their makeup to keep it intact longer but in actual fact it only just makes everything look thick and cakey. So if you are wanting your makeup to last all day opt for a setting spray. A setting spray will blend everything together and soften harsh lines leaving your  your skin looking glowy and hydrated.

Okay, so now what? 

Here is a basic step-by-step which you can follow when it comes to contouring and highlighting your face:

Step 1 – Prime your skin with a moisturiser and a makeup primer.

Step 2 – Apply a cream highlighter to your cheekbones, your nose, brow bones and corner of eyes.

Step 3 – Blend your foundation across your face with a damp makeup sponge.

Step 4 – When contouring follow the shadows of your own face. For example if you would like your jaw to be more defined blend some powder or cream along your jaw lines.

Step 5 – Set your T-zone with setting powder, then use a mist setting spray to blend everything together.

And there your have it, all you need to know when it comes to contouring and highlighting.



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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Contour and Highlight Technique For Your Face Shape

  1. natashastewart2014 says:

    Real great advice on contouring and highlighting. I always applied foundation first then bronzer and highlighter after but after reading this article as per instructions I will try it the other way around👍