The 5 Best Non Dairy Substitutes for Milk

The 5 Best Non- dairy Substitutes for Milk

These days it seems like almost everything can be milked. From peas to nuts to grains, there’s all sorts of weird and wonderful milk alternatives to try.

Cow’s milk is great. It’s nutrient rich, providing high quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorous and B vitamins.

However, dairy isn’t an option for everyone. Around 75% of the global population is lactose intolerant due to a deficiency in lactase (the enzyme that breaks down the lactose found in dairy products).

On top of that, many make the choice not to include dairy in their diet.

There are so many great alternative options out there. Non-dairy milks are super accessible and relatively cheap depending on which one you choose.

Here are our top 5 recommendations:


Soy milk has been around for ages and was a popular option for the dairy averse far before milk alternatives were trendy. This staple product is made from either soybeans or soy protein isolate, making it very rich in protein.

It’s also the cheapest of the bunch. Be sure to try out a few different brands until you find the one that you like, as the taste can vary drastically.


Another one that’s been on the scene for quite a while now is almond milk. Made from either whole almonds or almond butter, this milk is lower in carbs and protein and has a high vitamin E content.

To make sure that you’re getting almond milk’s full nutritional benefits, try to look for brands that have a 7%-15% almond content. Anything lower than that is basically just slightly nutty water.


This high fibre option seems to be everyone’s favourite at the moment. Oat milk is smooth and creamy, similar to cow’s milk.

The oats give it a slightly sweet and mild taste, making it a very versatile choice as it’ll go great in both your coffee and your cereal.


No, not the type you get in cans to put in your Thai curries. Drinkable coconut milk is made from the water and flesh of coconuts and is more diluted than its canned counterpart.

It’s creamy and has a very distinctive flavour – the coconut comes through pretty strongly, so make sure you’re a fan of the taste before giving this one a go. Coconut milk has virtually no protein or carb content, but it is packed full of healthy fats.


This is a great choice for anybody who suffers from multiple allergies as it’s the most hypoallergenic of the bunch. Both white and brown rice milk are on the shelves so you can choose according to your preference.

It’s not the most nutritionally valuable choice, but it is an easy to find and pretty affordable one.

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Let us know in the comments below which plant-based milk alternative you enjoy?

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    Almond Milk is the one I have tried before and Love the taste is a great substitute for milk, it has also become very popular as one can see it now in most stores. I am familiar with Soy and Coconut milk as well but not really Oat and Rice milk. Interesting breakdown of what the different non-dairy alternatives contain and can be used for. Nescafe Gold Vegan Lattes sounds interesting should give it a try for sure. #Thank You Rubybox Loving the tips and looking forward to the next article!☺

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