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Delicious Haircut Trends to Dominate 2022

Delicious Haircut Trends to Dominate 2022 2022 is here and with that comes new haircut trends. We’ve got all the new trends so you can dress like you’re winning and manifest it while you are at it. Biggest trends right now are either to cut it all off or grow it out. Both extremes but […]

Is your hair thinning? Here are 10 possible reasons why…

Hair shedding is part of a natural balance — some hair fall out while others grow in. However, some hair loss might be related to a variety of things. In an article with experts from various specialist institutions Sally-Ann Traver, Sam Burnett and Inanch Emir they go into why you might be suffering from hair […]

Clairol Colour Crave – What Our rubies Thought After Testing

See what our rubies thought of the NEW Clairol Colour Crave range