easy at-home manicure

Easy At-Home Manicure

Lockdown has put all pamper sessions on hold, leaving a lot of ladies with grown-out gel, acrylic nails, or just not-so-pretty nails. Try this easy at-home manicure video to keep your nails looking and feeling healthy.

Blogger Arshia Moorjani started doing her own nails at home about a year ago after seeing how thin and damaged her nails were after getting regular gel nails done at the salon. We love how she mentions to find something that benefits only you and to keep this in your weekly routine as “me-time”, because often as woman we give and give yet we forget that we too need time out and “me-time”.

In this video Arshia shares her easy at-home manicure routine on YouTube and we can’t thank her enough!

Not only does she explain why you need each step, but she does it in such a straightforward and easy way that anyone can do at home. In the video she uses tools that you should already have at home, otherwise, these can be bought at your local retailer or pharmacy.

So rubies, watch this easy at-home manicure video – then remember to keep time aside tonight and show your nails (and yourself) some love.

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Products Arshia uses in her video:

Bath salts, Olive and June nail polish remover, Nail file, Nail buffer, Cuticle pusher, Cuticle remover, Revlon Basecoat, Sally Hansen, Nailpolish, Olive and June top coat, Sally Hansen cuticle oil, and Goutal hand lotion.

To see more from Arshia give her a follow HERE on Instagram or check out her blog HERE. Looking to go all-natural with your nails? We have an easy, all-natural cuticle oil recipe HERE.

Will you be trying this easy at-home manicure routine rubies? Comment below to let us know.

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14 thoughts on “Easy At-Home Manicure

  1. Nonhlanhla M. says:

    Thank you so much to Arshia and Rubybox for sharing such a helpful videos. My nails were looking like a nightmare 😪, the video has step by step instructions which is very helpful.

    Can’t wait to try it out.