Decode Fingernail Health

Decode Fingernail Health

During lockdown a lot of us have used this time to focus on self-care. Meaning, we have had to stop our weekly mani-appointments and have actually decided to give ours nails a much needed break and time to breathe.

With this being said some of you might get a fright to see what your nails really look like all unpolished and natural. We are here to help you figure out 4 common fingernail issues so you can decipher what you can do to get your beautiful healthy nails back.

Brittle Nails

Decode Fingernail Health

This can be due to wetting and drying your hands frequently. It could also indicate that you have suboptimal nutrition meaning that you might be lacking Vitamin A, Vitamin C or biotin. Another common cause for brittle nails could be a thyroid issue.

Yellow Nails

Decode Fingernail Health

If your nails are chronically yellow it could be related to underlying blood sugar which is often linked to conditions like diabetes, hypothyroidism or psoriasis. An excess amount of sugar in your body could lead to a breakdown in collagen leading to yellow nails so make sure you are not eating more than the recommended daily sugar amount, WHO guidelines suggest a total limit of 6 teaspoons of sugar/day.

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every day

Nail Pitting

Decode Fingernail Health

Pitting is shallow or deep holes or pits in your nails. They could also look like white spots or nicks. This could be caused by psoriasis and you would need to speak to a dermatologist about treatment if you are having problems with your skin.

Vertical Ridges

Decode Fingernail Health

These are ridges that appear vertically along the length of the nail (from the tip to the cuticle). They are very common to have as you get older. Some of these vertical ridges could appear alongside symptoms of anxiety, weight loss or iron deficiency.

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