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2021 Nail Trends to Get Inspired (STAND A CHANCE TO WIN)

Yay for a New Year because with a new year comes new fresh ideas. Despite the fact that life is still a bit upside down we find comfort in the small things. We for one love a good visit to the salon to sort out our nails because when we have our nails done we […]

Spring Nail Ideas You’re Going to LOVE

We hate having our nails done – said no one ever! In lieu of Spring being here, we thought we’d provide you with some nail inspiration just to get that feeling of summer and normality back.  We don’t know about you rubies but when we get our nails done it feels like our lives are […]

Easy At-Home Manicure

easy at-home manicure

Lockdown has put all pamper sessions on hold, leaving a lot of ladies with grown-out gel, acrylic nails, or just not-so-pretty nails. Try this easy at-home manicure video to keep your nails looking and feeling healthy. Blogger Arshia Moorjani started doing her own nails at home about a year ago after seeing how thin and […]

DIY Pedicure at home!

DIY Pedicure at home!

We know, we are missing our pamper pedicure appointments too! Luckily, diaryofamadcrafter has put together a brilliant and easy step-by-step (with pictures, yay!) on how to do a gorgeous pedicure at home on yourself. Diaryofamadcrafter suggests that you will need: 1. Polish remover 2. Cotton pads 3. Nail clippers 4. Nail file 5. Cuticle softening […]