DIY at-home facial with extractions

Being on lockdown doesn’t mean you have to forgo your weekly/monthly skin care treatments.

In this video, vlogger Killa Kryss shows us how she does her facials at home including extractions. Now we know this might be squeamish for some – however, getting the dirt and oil build up out of your pores correctly is one of the vital steps when it comes to maintaining a clear skin complexion.

Watch below to see how she uses everyday items found at home to give herself an at-home facial. To see more videos from Killa Kryss click here or check out her Instagram page here.



Let us know if you will be trying this easy to follow facial while at home during the lockdown rubies.

Or, do you have any other questions or tips to add/ask about an at-home facial?

Comment below to let us know.


Stay home and stay safe rubiesĀ 


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