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22 thoughts on “April: The Month of Reflection & Reminiscing

  1. baloyimixo93 says:

    A lot has changed since last year but mostly I have realised that life is short and one should invest in their well-being as general, I am now dedicated to having some self care Sunday’s wherein I get to pamper myself with anything affordable. I have also noticed that one can do away is spending a lot of money over the weekend by going out but can organise things that are affordable here at home. Thanks for the nice newsletter rubybox🥰

  2. mandy.nsele says:

    What a year it has been. From care free lifestyle to appreciating every bit lufe has to offer. I am more grateful for life itself. The sun, fresh air and blooming flowers. More people lost their loved ones, multiple family members. Our life had to changed drastically and our normal will never be the same. Nature slowed us down, so we could step back and step up. Lots of lessons learnt. More lessons adopted and lifestyle adapted. Weight loss and weight gain became less of a worry but waking up to see the sunshine and sustaining jobs more of an importance. We learnt more about ourselves and those around us. We knew who are our friends are and realised that family didn’t have to he blood. We got overwhelmed, frustrated and more appreciative of little things at the same time. What more can I say? Let’s live, love and sparkle. The best things in life are free!

  3. Zuriena Sasman says:

    Happy April Rubies… The last year has changed a lot of things for me. Family is most important to me right now. I’ve lost so many during the last year and this has made me even more attached and close to my loved ones. I’ve started gardening since last year and I’ve come to love it. It’s relaxing and takes my mind off a million things. Happy Easter Rubie Gems #Rubybox

  4. Sanele Portia Sibiya says:

    Rubybox never gives me anything so I have nothing to review or comment.
    I am tired of always reading and seeing other people celebrating gifts from rubybox excluding me.
    I think I should just deactivate this account now