Female Entrepreneur: BelleFit Fitness

Being a female entrepreneur is commendable in this current economic climate. Here at rubybox we love to celebrate these brave women and encourage them to keep following their dreams.

Coach Melody is just another example of an incredible women with her own local business. Melody Tryphone is a personal trainer based in Cape Town. This former Beauty Queen loves everything about health and fitness and guarantees she can help  you achieve those lifelong fitness goals.

We asked her a couple of questions about her personal training business below:

1. What made you become a personal trainer and start your own business?

Personally I am a very self-motivated person, during my time as a BeautyQueen in Tanzania my advocacy was always to inspire and push others to be the best version of themselves and reach their highest potentials in different ways and get rid of their insecurities. I personally found comfort in Fitness, I found out the power and energy the body can create and the potentials we could reach spiritually , emotionally and physically through fitness and it blew my mind and soul of how much we can transform our whole being through the fact of just taking care of our bodies

2. How would you describe your philosophy on health and fitness?

To me Fitness is more than just moving your body. Fitness is a connection of the mind, body and soul working together to reach specific physical goals, Aesthetic goals and most of all health goals. I believe a Fitness and health goal is easily achieved only when the mindset is right, positivity or  belief in the process is high, and willingness to change is there.

3. Where are you based and what are the training options for those who are in other cities?

I am based in Cape Town City Centre at Cartel Fit part of Ideas Cartel and for those who are in Cape Town that is where you can find me and for those in other Cities worry not , we are in a digital word and I also do online zoom classes personally and Group classes at any level of fitness from beginners to advanced.

4. Who or what gives you the most inspiration?

The drive to help and change people’s lives. When I wake up at 5am in the morning to go train my first clients. I envision the end results of the goals that me and my clients have set for each other. The desire to reach the goal excites and it inspired me to do what I do and become the best because the more people I help the more fulfilment and blessings I believe I get.

5. What is your style of training/what training do you specialise in?

I am a strong believer of strength training, studies have shown that incorporating weights in your fitness regimens helps to build more muscle and speeds up the body’s metabolism. Having said this my type of training is high intensity interval training in collaboration with strength training. I know most women are scared of lifting weights because they think that they will bulk up and have a masculine physique, I want to be that trainer that teaches women how to love dumbbells and  lift weights because that is exactly where the secret of fitness lies.

6. To someone just getting started looking to live a healthier lifestyle and incorporate fitness, what would your advice to them be?

My advice to them will be to “Please be consistent and patient, Fitness is a journey and not an overnight dream come true, it needs hard work and dedication, start slow but also push yourself to the limits. 25% of the changes that happen in your body is the food that you eat, so try to eat whole food and reduce your sugar intake and drink lots of water. Be very kind to your body and listen to your body very much. “Focus on Performance and not the scale”. It’s going to take time BUT it’s worth the time.

7. How can our rubies get hold of you if they would like to find out more about training with you?

They can connect with me via my Instagram @melody.tryphone or my email

[email protected]

8. Do you have a website and social media pages?

My website is still under development  however it should be ready in the next  month and my social media @melody.tryphone

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14 thoughts on “Female Entrepreneur: BelleFit Fitness

  1. Emma S. says:

    l love women that are not afraid to start something.. Such an inspiration we need.. Healthy life style is a need.. I’m inspired to go back to gym.. #Inspired #Healthylifestyle

  2. Nompumelelo M. says:

    Wooow . This is uplifting eyeopening too . I really admire the slirit of women nowadays. The courage to never be tied down by what society perieve as a typical wonan. Bu create our own norms and standards. Well done Mosadi

  3. Landiso Asathi M. says:

    I love women that are not afraid to start something… This was indeed a brave decision… I’m surely following her on insta… She is an inspiration to me ❤️ ❤️ ❤️