Pasta Party Dinner Ideas

With the seasons starting to change we find ourselves seeking comfort in more warm heartier meals. We know the minute the weather gets cold outside we crave pasta and a big bowl of it!

The great thing about pasta is that you don’t have to be the best chef to make it and chances are that even if it is a flop – it will still satisfy those cravings.

We selected some fan favourite pasta recipes that are definitely a go-to the minute the weather changes.

These recipes are quick and relatively easy for all you rubies to give it a try!

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rubies let us know in the comments below if any of you will be giving these delicious pasta recipes a try this weekeend?

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7 thoughts on “Pasta Party Dinner Ideas

  1. thohmageza3 says:

    My personal favorite is definitely pasta with beacon lots of cheese and some mushrooms. I seem to be blown away by the creamy chicken pesto pasta I will definitely try it out soon. I’ll probably cook it on the 30th of April for my little brothers birthday.

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