8 Influencers that Inspire Eco-Friendly Living

Sustainability? Zero-waste? Minimalism? We hear these buzzwords floating around often, but what does it really mean to implement them into your lifestyle? The journey to eco-friendly living is a hard one that requires some big changes, and there’s much to learn. What better way to begin than by hearing the experiences of others who have made the switch in the form of entertainment? These 8 YouTubers and influencers can help you to kick-start your journey to clean green living!

Meghan Hughes

YouTube: Meghan Hughes   Instagram: @meghanhughes

This vibrant 24-year-old has the definition of a sunny disposition. A great entertainer with loads of content to enjoy, she lives on a beautiful farm with 2 adorable dogs and 2 pigs. She makes videos on all things sustainability, farming, gardening and zero-waste living, and even throws in some lifestyle and fashion advice.

Check out her latest video on sustainable swaps here: 


YouTube: Jhánneu   Instagram: @jhanneu

With her videos on “intentional low impact living”, Jhánneu creates some really inspiring and aesthetically pleasing content. She covers topics like zero-waste living and eco-friendly makeup and skincare. She also sheds light on how zero-waste living is not particularly inclusive, an important topic that isn’t considered nearly enough.

Check out her video on inclusivity here:

Kate Nelson

Instagram: @plasticfreemermaid

Australian influencer Kate Nelson is an ocean lover who hasn’t used plastics in over a decade! She shares practical tips on her Instagram about how to reduce your plastic use and save the ocean. You can find even more in her book “I Quit Plastics: And You Can Too”.

Check out her book here:











Silindokuhle Shandu

Instagram: @si.lin_

This South African model is an advocate for sustainable fashion choices, reminding us that where we get our clothing has a direct impact on the environment. Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry? Crazy right!

Check out her gorgeous account here:


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Immy Lucas

YouTube: Sustainably Vegan   Instagram: @sustainably_vegan

Immy gives some great and easily implemented advice on veganism, zero-waste living, minimalism, food prep and reusing old items. She also does the occasional travel vlog from some really beautiful places! Be sure to take a look at her delicious vegan recipes.

Check out some of her zero-waste habits here: 

Ariel Green

YouTube: Naturally Mermaid   Instagram: @naturally_mermaid

With loads of videos on gardening and ethical living, you’ll be sure to find something interesting on Ariel’s channel. Her Sustainable Brown Girl podcast is also amazing, putting a spotlight on black women making waves in the sustainability community each week.

Listen to her podcast here:

Shelbi of Shelbizleee

YouTube: Shelbizleee   Instagram: @shelbizleee

Shelbi is a vlogger who makes videos on the concept of eco-minimalism and teaches you how to make it a part of your lifestyle. This means using fewer natural resources and reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible, something that we should all be striving towards!

Check out her beginner’s guide to eco-friendly living here:

Timi Komo

YouTube: Timi Komo TV   Instagram: @timikomo

Watching Timi’s videos is like listening to your best friend give you sustainable lifestyle advice! Not only does she have great videos on eco-friendly living, but she also does loads of inspirational content for those times where you feel like you need a little pep talk.

Check out her journey to sustainable living here:

These women will have you well on your way to being an eco-warrior in no time – save the planet in style!

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5 thoughts on “8 Influencers that Inspire Eco-Friendly Living

  1. Sinathi B. says:

    Wow learnt alot from this article am all in, took some tips and definitely will change my habits no to plastic. I believe that it is our responsibility to take care of this planet if we want to see a change in it, starting with the small things, like taking a shopping bag that is Eco friendly when going shopping instead of buying a plastic and will saving money too cz plastics are expensive. And I will definitely start following Shelby the “Vloga” and watch all her videos ❤️❤️

  2. Ramona M. says:

    Zero waste is definitely the way of the future. It’s heartening to see these gorgeous women sharing the ways they use to live a sustainable life and reduce their carbon footprint! Absolutely inspiring!

  3. Cynthia A. says:

    We have to do our part in the fight to go green honestly, thank you. Its inspiring to know that there are people out there taking this movement seriously.