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Are you quiet quitting?

Are you quiet quitting? Many employees are looking to “quiet quit” their jobs. This doesn’t mean that they are actually looking to leave their jobs. They are simply limiting their work to the signed contract hours they agreed to when starting the job. Nothing more, nothing less. This trend has been recognised by users going […]

Take Your Career to the Next Level with Confidence

Take Your Career to the Next Level with Confidence We hear all the time how important it is to have self-confidence, but it’s much easier said than done. Developing a belief in how great you are takes time, and much of your confidence actually develops when you’re a child. However, a large part of self-confidence […]

Is Your Work Environment Toxic?

Challenges at work are inevitable, and sometimes even positive things that help you to build resilience. When we have a bad day or a bad week it’s never fun and we may even resent our jobs a little, but we always push through and end up on the other side of things completely fine. However, […]

rubies talk: Office Antics

Let’s talk all things office antics. So, rubies with a new year comes a whole lot of new things. Some of you might be starting a new job? If that’s the case how are you managing your first week? If you aren’t starting a new job but just going back to work. Surely you have […]