rubies talk: Office Antics

Let’s talk all things office antics.

So, rubies with a new year comes a whole lot of new things. Some of you might be starting a new job? If that’s the case how are you managing your first week? If you aren’t starting a new job but just going back to work. Surely you have stories of your first day at your job, when you first started?

We all have those embarrassing first day stories. I know I have plenty to share and it’s always nice to share stories so everyone feels like they are on the same page.

Comment below and share your first day embarrassing stories with us and if your boss has ever asked you to do something beyond ridiculous.

Everyone loves a good chuckle because we’ve all been there!

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8 thoughts on “rubies talk: Office Antics

  1. tsepisot.lakaje says:

    We need vaccine sooner rather than later we will be able to go back to normal, Mybe vaccine will help the nation with a free cov19 Even if we have don’t have enough information about it yet to have the vaccine.

  2. Thandi Khoza says:

    About the Vaccine as far as I’m concerned we have been vaccinated since infant hood for prevention of various diseases. I do not see this Covid vaccine as different from other vaccines. Yes in every vaccine people reacts differently after vaccinations, that is why others reacts differently to this one too. I will surely vaccinate and see the reactions later, better safe than sorry.


    I started this new job i set at my desk the whole day without eating lunch as i didn’t know what time was lunch, was scared to ask. One day i used my boss’s coffee i didn’t know that it was his, he asked i was so embarrassed i thought it office coffee.

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  5. asathimagwaza says:

    On the first day… At work…
    So we had a meeting in the morning and at that meeting had to introduce ourselves to the new members of the team… When it was my turn.. I introduced myself everything was okay then I forgot to pull the chair in before sitting… I fell on the floor so hard mind you I’m tall and yes I’m wearing heels 👠 😭😂 and I was so embarrassed that I just laid there and pretended I had fainted… So they gave me a day off… But I knew that I was embarrassed… But the following day I told them the truth and turned it in to a joke…😂😂😂

    #rubybox ❤️

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