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3 Ways To Know You Have Experienced the Bernini 500ml Can #GlowUp🥂🥰

Glow Getters, have you experienced the Bernini #GlowUp? But wait, before we continue, lets first give you the definition of what a #GlowUp is. Definition: glow up or glow-up or glo up or glo-up [ gloh uhp ] Glow up is an informal term for a positive personal transformation, typically one involving significant changes in appearance and style […]

Watch us Glow Up, with Bernini’s NEW 500ML Cans!

Glow Getters! The NEW Bernini Cans have arrived in time for us to #GlowUp, sparkle and blossom this Spring! Bernini has launched NEW 500ml cans that allows for more convenience, better value, and a #GlowUp anywhere you go! Bernini is a sparkling spritzer made from wine with beautiful flavours. You can now enjoy the sparking […]