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3 Ways To Know You Have Experienced the Bernini 500ml Can #GlowUp🥂🥰

Glow Getters, have you experienced the Bernini #GlowUp? But wait, before we continue, lets first give you the definition of what a #GlowUp is. Definition: glow up or glow-up or glo up or glo-up [ gloh uhp ] Glow up is an informal term for a positive personal transformation, typically one involving significant changes in appearance and style […]

rubies review and rate: New Bernini 500ml Can

Bernini has launched their NEW 500ml cans for their Bernini Real Sparkling Spritzer Made from Wine, that allows for more convenience, better value, and a #GlowUp for any occasion. The NEW cans have been curated to show how glamour in a can meets convenience. The South African made wine-based, ready-to-drink alcoholic brand is designed for […]

[WIN] You Glow Different with your Squad

As a woman we are so lucky to be surrounded by our girlfriends that are not only there for us but support us in every stage of our lives especially when we need it the most. Often more than not the #GlowUp journey can get a little lonely but that’s when you are encouraged to […]