What Have You Done [WIN]

What Have You Done [WIN]

We all have a favourite style or look when it comes to our hair – and most times these looks, and styles have caused damage to our hair.

Prevent future guilt about damage when it comes to coloring, dyeing, straightening, relaxing or curling your hair.

Be about style not damage. Your next hairdo shouldn’t slow you down.

Thanks to TRESemmé® Repair & Protect 7. The first system to take on 7 types of damage from the first use, from brushing, drying, bleaching, braiding, colouring, curling and flat ironing.

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We want to see your favourite hair style is and which of the 7 #hairsins you commit to achieve the look and you could WIN a TRESemme styling kit to the value of R2000!

To enter simply share a photo of you rocking your favourite hairstyle with us on social media and tell us which of the 7 #hairsins you committed to achieve the look. (i.e brushing, drying, bleaching, braiding, colouring, curling or flat ironing)

Be sure to include the following hashtags to make sure your entry is valid: #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle

We cannot wait to see your stories – and don’t forget to banish hair damage by using the TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Range. Be about style not damage. Your next hairdo shouldn’t slow you down.

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(Competition T&C: This competition is open to all South African residents only. The prize is a styling kit hamper from TRESemmé® valued at R2000. The prize is not exchangeable for cash. The selected winner will need to have a physical South African delivery address. To enter you need to share your photo and products on social media with the above-mentioned hashtags. The winner will have 48 hours to acknowledge winning as well as confirm their delivery details. Should the winner fail to do this within 48 hours of being notified another winner will be selected in their place. The competition will closes midnight 19 July 2020 and the winner will be announced 11am 20 July 2020. Judge’s decision is final.)

107 thoughts on “What Have You Done [WIN]

  1. maggie.mamoeletsi says:

    Just shared a picture of myself on Facebook rocking my favourite hairstyle. I committed bleaching #hairsins to achieve this fresh beautiful look. #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle

  2. Rushka Isaacs says:

    Recently bleached my hair, didnt come out the way I wanted so I dyed it brown light again#rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle

    • alicia.nagessar says:

      My go to hairstyle is my bob with blonde streaks. This requires blow wave in order to straighten my naturally curly hair, flat ironing, teasing and it all starts with stripping with peroxide to get the blonde. #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle
      pic to b uploaded on fb

  3. deshnee.jagaroo says:

    #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle
    I love coloring my hair, though it gets damaged 😔. But it’s nothing the hairdresser can’t fix😉

    • mookgo.1983 says:

      My#hairsin is blowdrying and colouring my dreadlocks, keeping them neat and strong.I always take good care of them and they always take care of me by boosting my confidence. Strong ,healthy ,beautiful hair to boost my confidence and make me feel like a lady

  4. yolandandaba says:

    #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle.I have actually become gentler with how I style my hair during this lockdown period.I mostly keep it in a loose bun and use my fingers to “comb” it.I moisturize with water first for hydration and then spray oil spray to seal on the moisture.I then apply Jamaican castor oil on my receding hairline.I must say I’m too lazy to do any more than that.

    • siphetembani0108 says:

      I posted my picture on Twitter, I mentioned two hairsins that actually damaged my hairline and the texture of my hair, colouring and braiding

    • Fran Williams says:

      Unfortunately I have committed 6 of the 7 hairsins: Brushing, Blow drying, Bleaching, Colouring, curling and using my flat iron 🙈
      Just recently also made a drastic change with an awesome cut as well. I know TRESemme will have my back when it comes to my hair #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle

  5. mrotondwa97 says:

    I have posted my picture on Facebook about my afro hair
    I brush and sometimes colour my hair.


  6. mrsalicia.williams03 says:

    My go-to hairstyle is no. 3 – loose or up in a bun. #hairsin is dyeing, blow-dry and flatiron
    #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #beaboutstyle

  7. Dani Cateley says:

    I’ve bleached, cut and dyed my hair multiple times during this lockdown and will probably continue to do so 😜😝💜 @rubybox #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle x

  8. amandancanywa says:

    Braiding and coloring are my favorites! Would love to win……Please pick me!

  9. evonramjit19 says:

    #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle
    I simply love curls, I guess thats because we always want the opposite, I have frizzy hair and often have to straighten it but in this Pic I did curls. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

  10. Rosalind McRowdie says:

    This would have been an awesome win especially because I already use tressime shampoo , conditioner and scalp treatment but two months ago I was medically forced to cut all my hair off and my scalp is barely just starting to get covered 😊 so good luck to the other rubies

    • brigettedhansen68 says:

      The only color I wanted was the Grey then I had my hair bleached, omw disaster, damage control was my first name #hairsins#tresemme #to the rescue.

  11. Moonisah Naidoo says:

    my go to style & favourite hairstyle is a middle part with a low bun 😍 💁🏽‍♀️ . it’s quick & easy & i feel it makes ones look more sophisticated 💁🏽‍♀️ .
    of the 7 #hairsins , i do the flat ironing & brushing on my favourite hairstyle 😊 ..

    #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle

    • gusharex says:

      Posted a picture of me on Instagram rocking my African hair done my beautiful friend Manini..rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle

      • zmoni47 says:

        If it’s not my natural afro, I just do braids and I always colour my hair to accommodate the color of the hairpiece and I’m always scared that my hair will eventually break.

        #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #stylenotdamage #TRESemmesa #beaboutstyle

    • Patience says:

      I have never use the products before but I m ready to try them. I wanted to use them but didn’t have money to buy them crossing my fingers to win#rubybox#rubyboxtresemme

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