The One That Got Away

Love is complicated, love is blind but most of all love is messy.

Ever gone on a date and found yourself asking, “Are you the one?”. But then again “the one” is a broad term and the people that you have loved and lost may not have been the right ones for you, no matter how much you loved them and how deeply you felt about them.

In todays age it is so much harder to meet someone organically as everyone is online and the same people are on all of the same dating apps. Making it that much more complicated.

With the world being fast paced and our schedules being jam-packed staying at home and waiting for that notification to pop up is not on the cards. Therefore in order to meet someone you need to get out there in some way or another. Unfortunately your soulmate is not going to be delivered to your door with a red ribbon around their neck. But then again that would be nice!

It can be rather challenging finding a solid relationship but that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. You need to remember that these things don’t work out for reasons. There is often nothing you could have possibly done to save a relationship, or that your partner could have done to prevent the relationship from ending because sometimes it is just not meant to be.

Often it is a blessing that a certain relationship didn’t workout even if you can’t quite understand why right now. The reason always reveals itself somewhere down the line. We sometimes first need to learn how to love ourselves in order to make us better before we learn to love someone else.

So all in all it is not about the one who got away because in life you may encounter many who get away but you need to remember that it is about “the one” who will always stay. X



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