6 Delicious recipes to spice up your morning oats

6 Delicious recipes to spice up your morning oats

Nothing like some good old oats to kick start your day. These 6 DELICIOUS recipes from @simplyquinoa are quick, easy and a yummy way to spice up your oats in the morning using only a few ingredients!

(Source: HOW TO COOK OATMEAL ‣‣ 6 Amazing Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipes – shared directly from here.)

How yummy does this look rubies, will you give this brekkie a try?

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Simply Quinoa

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3 thoughts on “6 Delicious recipes to spice up your morning oats

  1. chanwill4u says:

    Yes yes yes my whole family loves oats doesn’t matter what time of day. We even eat it sometimes for dinner. Now these delicious recipes will come in handy .I will deffenitly be spice it up with them and I will be sure to pass the recipe on to my friends and family

  2. natashastewart2014 says:

    Yes I will give this brekkie a try. Loving the different combinations can see that its spicing up the oats for sure great Simply Quinoa. Apple Cinnamon is always a winning combination so I am not surprised this works. Lemon Blueberry Love the colour. Peanut Butter and Banana mmmmmmm iis all I can say. Chocolate Coconut – Wow I never would have ventured this deep but can see its a yummy combination for sure. Peanut Butter and Jelly – Going back to childhood days yes. Maple sea salt – very interesting this one. I am enjoying all your reading material Rubybox keep up the great work! #Thank You Rubybox Loving the tips and looking forward to the next article! ☺