The Best Nail Trends 💅🏻

We’ve gotta admit, that there has been no shortage of beautiful screenshot-worthy nail trends in the past few months. Tik Tok and Instagram have been booming with great nail design ideas and we are loving them! Here are some of the trending designs below.


2021 was all about green, but 2022 has interestingly focused more on blue. This deep ocean blue nail polish feels perfect for the winter months, but expect lighter, brighter versions for spring and summer.


For those who think a mani is incomplete without embellishments, this trend goes out to you. You can combine your love of sparkles with trendy graphic lines to make your manicure feel more modern but still your style.


Yes, silver and gold can look great on nails too! Silver and gold aren’t just great for being worn as jewelry and rings on fingers these days. You could try something as simple as a strip of silver along your cuticle or as bold as chain embellishments, but metallic manicures are definitely having a moment😁 And with so many ways to wear a version of the look (for instance, with chrome nail polishfoil flakestransfer foils, or metal embellishments) you have no reason to sit this trend out.


Mismatched nails with a different color, design, or pattern placement on each nail are a major trend right now. With endless options and combinations, the look never gets old. If you’re also the type of person who can never choose a nail color, and is always indecisive, this nail style is definitely for you!


French manicures have made their comeback! Whether you make them chunky, super-thin, traditional, abstract, or something in between, French manicures are gaining popularity in 2022.


Swirls are just getting started! We all experimented with the water cup and nail polish drips for marble nails back in 2014, right? Try it on the tips of your nails or all over your nails or switch it up with seasonal shades—your options are endless for wearing the look and making it your own.

Which style is your favourite rubies? 💋💅🏻

Article Inspired by: Cosmopolitan

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173 thoughts on “The Best Nail Trends 💅🏻

  1. Chelsea Jo-Ann B. says:

    I love the different colors and styles I love trying new colors and feeling glamorous with a new look and it is amazing how they did it with bold colors get me out of my comfort zone

  2. Angelique S. says:

    A little sparkle really stands out for me cause they used to little sparkle normally when you think out sparkle on nails it would be the entire Shabang but with this one it still stands out reminds me of the phrase less is more😉 oh yes I’m a qualified nail tech shhhh

  3. Ronelle H. says:

    I LOVE ALL OF THEM……each individual unique and creative……
    flashy, bold, funky, classic, fun, sensual, provocative, wacky, weird…….keep it coming ladies….LOVING IT