March Newsletter

March is here, and although it is one of the most beautiful months of the year, our skin is changing as we move out of Summer and into Autumn. Remember those important resolutions you made at the beginning of this year – well if yours was focusing more on your skin health and skincare in general this one’s for you.

It is so important to update your daily beauty products and routine as the seasons change – a good moisturiser is a must and remember you still need to keep applying that sunblock!

Some of you might not be ready to kiss Summer goodbye just yet but despite that we still need to be fully prepared for the effect Autumn can have on our skin. Autumn brings cooler weather and a drop in humidity which makes for dry, stale air and even drier skin. Match this with dry heat from heaters and it’s chemistry for a skin disaster.

We are here to help you reassess your go-to-skin-care-routine and remind you that it’s always good to approach skin care seasonally, like you do with your wardrobe.

  1. Try a thicker moisturiser – no more lightweight, oil free moisturisers it’s time to bulk up with a heftier hydrator this aids in preventing skin dehydration.
  2. Add body lotion to you daily routine – With Summer coming to an end you may start to feel dry and itchy because of the lack of moisture in the air. One way to stop the itch is to load up on hydration.
  3. Cut back on exfoliating – Cooler weather means cutting back on robust ingredients like retinoids and glycolic acid. It’s very easy to overdo it but we say put down the exfoliator for a little bit because you’ll know if you are going hard on your skin when it’s constantly inflamed and irritated.
  4. Invest in a humidifier – Dry heat that we get from being around heaters in the office or your own apartment can cause a serious threat to your skin barrier. This can lead to flaking, peeling and cracking this is where the humidifier comes into play.


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Here’s to another incredible year with you rubies 💋

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200 thoughts on “March Newsletter

  1. Jill Stoffels says:

    I actually need to switch up my skincare routine as the new season approaches us. This is a vital fact, even for the rest of my family. I will have to get a humidifier for the main bedroom, as the kids have in their room. Using thicker moisturiser makes sense as well. Knowing myself, I always hydrate my skin with Lotion throughout the year, no matter which season we are in. Even if I have to take 5 minutes longer, I cannot start my day without it because I know later during the day, I will feel that something is missing.

    • bathabileprecious4 says:

      I have changed my skin routine countless time in summer my skin is too oily and i struggle with acne on my face ,since we approaching winter my skin gets very dry . summer i use light moisturizer and winter thicker moisturizer tends to get more dry so i add vaseline or tissue oil.the thought of having a humidifier sounds great in the cold weather ,wil definitely try it thanks for the tip

  2. Kendra Forbes says:

    I change my skin care depending on my diet, water in take and seasons.
    During summer time I use a semi moisturizing moisturizer and a toner made for acne that’s a bit stronger on the skin.
    During Winter time, I use a moisturizing moisturizer and a moisturizing toner.
    The face wash I always use makes my skin a bit dry before moisturizing so that I don’t get too oily.

  3. Dineo Motsie says:

    Winter time my skin becomes dry and i have uneven skin complexion. To keep my skin glowing i drink lots of water, exfoliate and moisture twice a day (in the morning and before i go to bed) winning this competition will help me a lot to buy my skin prlducts

  4. Chantal Minords says:

    Love these tips for the skin season changes – I usually change my face wash to a lighter, sensitive skin wash & use a more hydrating moisturiser – I hate having dry, flaky skin during the change of seasons.

  5. Bibi Fathima Anwar says:

    During Summer/Spring my skincare routine consists of :cleansing with a gentle foam wash, exfoliating 3-4 times a week (due to my very oily skin) , I apply niacinamide, then moisturize using a grease free moisturizer and lastly but importantly use an SPF 50.
    In Autumn/Winter my skincare routine is essentially the same, however, instead of niacinamide, I use a vitamin c serum and a slightly thicker moisturizer so my skin does not dry out. I still apply a generous amount of SPF 50 even when the sun’s not out!

    • Lilly says:

      In summer and hotter days I use a light moisturiser and scrub or mask atleast once a week, because I have a very combination skin that tends to get oily very quickly.
      During summer I hardly use body lotion/cream because it makes me sweat.
      Autumn to Winter, however, I start using lotion in the evenings and also a creamier bodywash to keep the skin soft and moisturised.
      A humidifier works wonders to help your prevent your skin from loosing that valuable moisture.

  6. Simphiwe Khoza says:

    Going to buy myself a humidifier ASAP, gotta stock up on my Nivea products… Definitely want to have that glowup 😍
    Moisturizing all the way!
    #softlife? 🤗