Trust NIVEA MEN to come through for your man

Does your man talk about that sticky feeling on his skin when he applies body lotion?

NIVEA MEN has developed a breakthrough innovation that you’ll want to tell your man about!

Trust NIVEA MEN to come through for your man!

Just as tech brands introduce the latest new gadgets and updates, NIVEA MEN has developed an innovative new body lotion technology which ensures 3 times faster sweat evaporation.

Trust brands with scientific expertise to deliver grooming solutions that work harder to give your man the results he desires.


A new generation of breathable yet nourishing body lotions and creams.

Breakthrough formula

The innovative technology delivers vitamin-enriched nourishment in a lightweight lotion or cream, perfect for the active man in your life.

  • Breathable skin
  • 3X faster sweat evaporation
  • Absorbs in seconds
  • Deeply moisturised skin for 48h
  • Non-sticky feeling

Apply after a hot shower, before a gym session or before a stressful day at the office and enjoy instantly healthy-looking skin, BUT no sticky or sweaty skin feeling. The best way for him to feel fresh and healthy!

We sent a survey to our rubies a few weeks ago to opt-in for their man to test this product. If you opted in, we could be sending this product for your man to test so be sure to look out for our ‘congrats’ email.

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