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Top 6 Films to Watch in Isolation

Top 6 Films to Watch in Isolation So, we’re back to Level 4. With the rules being stricter for the next 14 days (at least), we’re all being encouraged to stay at home as much as we possibly can which might feel a little scary for some of us. The previous lockdown was hard and […]

rubies talk: Going To The Cinema

Hi rubies, So things have been a little strange in terms of the way we go about our lives. Our normal weekend plans aren’t so normal anymore and what we never use to bat an eyelid about has become something we have to sit and think about before committing. A big one for me was […]

rubies talk: Netflix & Chill

Hi rubies, Thanks to this pandemic we have been spending quite a bit of time in doors, can you blame us? And the only real entertainment we get in doors is from our loyal and faithful TV. With so much to be able to watch these days thanks to having a wider variety of entertainment […]