rubies talk: Going To The Cinema

Hi rubies,

So things have been a little strange in terms of the way we go about our lives. Our normal weekend plans aren’t so normal anymore and what we never use to bat an eyelid about has become something we have to sit and think about before committing. A big one for me was going to the cinema to watch a movie. Ever since COVID it complicated that for me and now I’m a little unsure when i’ll be going back.

With that being said though, have you guys missed going to the movies? How long has it been since you went to the cinema? With things slowly getting back to normal with the introduction of the COVID vaccine, Hollywood is very much back to creating nail biting captivating movies again. I for one miss the movies and will definitely be making my way back once some of the new 2021 movies hit our screens in SA.

Comment below and share all the deets with us, how are you feeling about going back to the wide screen to watch a movie, do you miss it or would you rather be in the safety of your own home?

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4 thoughts on “rubies talk: Going To The Cinema

  1. Angeline S. says:

    I definitely love going to the cinema, there’s definitely a vibe about the big screen and the cinema sound it’s not the same from home so I am definitely going to watch the new releases there 💃🏽💃🏽

  2. brigitteborelsaladin says:

    I’ve been to the cinema during COVID. Can’t miss out on my favourite big screen movies. Just wish there were more entertaining movies but I think now that America has started production again we will be in a for a big treat!