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Hi rubies,

Who is over all this COVID chatter? Pick me! With 2021 starting off on what it feels like the wrong foot. I know there might be some mixed messages as to what we can expect from a very disruptive 2021 ahead but let’s look aside from that and talk all things COVID vaccine.

How does everyone feel about it and what are your views regarding getting the vaccine or not getting the vaccine. Do you think it will limit us from traveling, do you think if we all get it sooner rather than later we will be able to go back to normal (no masks)? Or are you scared of the after effects of the vaccine and that we don’t have enough information about it yet to have the vaccine.

We are interested to hear all your views on the subject because we are as undecided as you are when it comes to this topic.

Comment below and share your thoughts and views with us and let’s have a chat about all things COVID vaccine and any worries you may have regarding the subject.

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77 thoughts on “rubies talk: COVID Vaccine

  1. Lindiwe Zondi says:

    Honestly , i am very skeptical about. there is a lot of negativity around it so much so that i am scared for everyone. my biggest worry is the side effects. i pray we dodge the bullet , because really it is scary .

  2. Olwethu Ndzamela says:

    Honestly the sooner we get the vaccine the sooner we can go back to normal. People are dying like flies it’s unbearable now. I do have my concerns when it comes to this vaccine but I guess we have to try it so we can see what happens.

  3. Michelle Finger says:

    Despite all the negativity about the vaccine as COVID-19 survivor i for one will be taking the it. At the moment it seems like this will be the only way to bring normal life back, the second wave isn’t giving people a break.

  4. Michelle Finger says:

    As much as there’s negativity towards the vaccine i for one will take it. I survived COVID-19 and grateful for life, the second wave isn’t giving people a break.

  5. Linda Nkani says:

    64% of South Africans wants to take the vaccine and I am one of that 64% and I was charting to my family and friends they have showed that they are ken to take the vaccine. People are dying every day I believe that the vaccine will help and we need to have confidence in the vaccine to fighting of this evil pandemic.

  6. Lauren van Rensburg says:

    I personally just feel like there’s a rush to deploy this vaccine without sufficient safety guarantees, so I for one am very hesitant. My kids have gotten every vaccine, as I felt comfortable that they had a long history of safe use and were developed in line with requirements of regulatory agencies. I’m not at all keen for either of us to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Just my inner gut telling me that without taking the time to fully understand safety risks, that this vaccine could bring unwarranted setbacks during the current pandemic, and into the future. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Zukiswa Mhuluhulu says:

      I could’nt agree with u more Lauren,we really need to be empowered about this vaccine. We are law abiding citizens but we r not dumb. We cannot just accept blindly when there is so much negativity about the vaccine.

  7. Slindile Nhlanhla Mdletshe says:

    Hi Rubies.

    I have carefully thought about the vaccine i was sure i wasnt gonna take the vaccine because of negative stories ive heard on social media. On the 28th December 2020 i received a call saying my father has died if covid 19 i was heartbroken and thats the day i changed my mind about the vaccine Why? Ive seen people dying people who were dear to me family members close friends and ex colleagues. When the vaccine comes i’ll make sure that i take it because many lives have been lost and i’d hate to see more people die. Lets have faith and take the vaccine who knows the virus maybe powerless and we cud go back yo our normal lives.

  8. Crystal Carter says:

    I have two minds about taking the vaccine. Some days I say I would take it and then I read a scary article about some of the side effects and then change my mind. Looks like I’ll be last to get it rather

    • brigitteborelsaladin says:

      Yes same here, I’m just worried about how it may effect me later on in life because often the side effects don’t show themselves as quickly as everyone might think.

      • Nomkhosi Ngcobo says:

        After being infected with covid and knowing how difficult and stressful it was for me, I will definitely take the vaccine! I mean I was affected badly and even lost loved ones.. so I think vaccine will help stop rapid infection and will definitely save our elders.

        • thembalam says:

          I for one im very scared im still very undecided about it.l havent had any covid but i know its a very deadly virus.
          Finally i say lets give it in why would we die yet we have God watching over us.

      • sikhakhanelondekile-3433 says:

        The sooner we get the vaccine the better, we need our lives to go back to normal. Yes we are scared and skeptical of the vaccine, worried about the short and long term side effects but I really dont think our government would agree to something that will harm us. From birth we have been vaccinated and this has benefited us, We should just trust the system. I cant wait to take my vaccine.

    • zolafihla says:

      Hi Rubies

      I don’t want to lie from the onset, I knew I don’t want to take the Vaccine because of the same side effects I got when I Had my flue vaccine

      So to me there is always bad results caused by side effects,

      So to Me it’s best i keep using my home remedies and keep my self safe as possible..