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Hi rubies,

Who is over all this COVID chatter? Pick me! With 2021 starting off on what it feels like the wrong foot. I know there might be some mixed messages as to what we can expect from a very disruptive 2021 ahead but let’s look aside from that and talk all things COVID vaccine.

How does everyone feel about it and what are your views regarding getting the vaccine or not getting the vaccine. Do you think it will limit us from traveling, do you think if we all get it sooner rather than later we will be able to go back to normal (no masks)? Or are you scared of the after effects of the vaccine and that we don’t have enough information about it yet to have the vaccine.

We are interested to hear all your views on the subject because we are as undecided as you are when it comes to this topic.

Comment below and share your thoughts and views with us and let’s have a chat about all things COVID vaccine and any worries you may have regarding the subject.

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77 thoughts on “rubies talk: COVID Vaccine

  1. Porsche says:

    I don’t like this vaccine we don’t even know it’s side effects, anyway the vaccines don’t last long so if it last for a month or two in your body/system so will that mean you have to be injected all the time? And no one knows if you still won’t get infected after taking this vaccine.

  2. Thandi Khoza says:

    Oh my, 😂I posted vaccine post in the office comment section🙈,my apologies Rubies😘.
    Concerning vaccines, I do not see the Covid19 vaccine any different to the vaccines we have been receiving since infant hood. Us who grew up in the rural areas have received most vaccines for deadly diseases while growing up and the Covid vaccine is no different. Most people have reactions after vaccinations,A friend and his mother in the UK was vaccinated on Monday 19 January. His mother had a reaction of vomiting and later dizzy for the rest of the day but the following day she was getting better and is noe fine. Therefore, even for this Covid vaccine, there are reactions for certain individuals. I believe that, for the world to get back to normal life, we vaccinate and live, better safe and sorry.

  3. Nontembeko Matika says:

    As for me the sooner the vaccine is rolled out the better, there is soo much negatively around it, but my family and I will be vaccinated. Many south Africans have been vaccinated for so many things and yet now are on the fence when it comes to this one, people who have never questioned any vaccination they got. Hell Jah am getting it, I have lost people and many are battling Covid19 as we speak, if vaccine is our way out am 100% for it. ✨✨

  4. Liz Van Rooy says:

    I will not be lining up for the vaccine. I’ve heard of too many people either dying or getting sick from it. Also this brings us into the end of an era and it will be very foolish to make the wrong decisions. So I would say think carefully before taking this vaccine.

  5. Reesha Govender says:

    I really don’t know, we need more information on this vaccine so we can do our research as well. We as adults cannot just accept everything thrown at us without proper info.

  6. Nomkhosi Ngcobo says:

    After being infected with covid and knowing how difficult and stressful it was for me, I will definitely take the vaccine! I mean I was affected badly and even lost loved ones.. so I think vaccine will help stop rapid infection and will definitely save our elders.

  7. Johlene Hanekom says:

    I would gladly take the vaccine, but with the recent news indicating that the vaccines might not be as effective against the new strain found in SA, I am concerned that even after getting the vaccine we will still get sick. In addition my oldest daughter has severe allergies and has to carry an epi-pen which experts say can result in anaphylactic shock in some when getting the vaccine, that is another concern. If the vaccine is not effective against the new strain how can I justify taking that chance with my daughter’s life? It’s all very concerning and complicates a very important decision.

  8. Raesetša Matshavha says:

    When you have seen death take over tha atmosphere like I did. When all the phone calls made were all about notifying families of the passing of their loved ones. When you have seen a spouse being unable to mourn their partner because they themselves are in quarantine. When you left home in the morning unsure whether you will come back to your children. When colleagues took their last breaths in front of you. I am waiting for the vaccine. 😢😢

  9. Thembuluwo Portia Nemaxwi says:

    I’m still undecided because of all the negativity around it but each day when I hear of a close one who passed on from Covid I see myself thinking more into taking it looking at how small my kids are