Meet the NEW ‘Glow’ In Town; Bernini Amber

Introducing the NEW Glow in town, Bernini Amber. rubies are you ready for this GLOW?

The New Glow in Town, Bernini Amber is the latest edition to the Bernini family. This natural sparkling grape frizzantè is a light, delicately sparkling beverage. It offers a complex flavor of balanced wine notes and sweet but subtle fruit characteristics with Bernini’s iconic Frizzantè bubble.

  • Bernini Amber six-pack of bottles (275ml) R79.95
  • Bernini Amber six-pack of cans (440ml) R99.95

Bernini Amber Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzantè can be purchased at all major retailers or via leading e-tailers. Not For Persons Under The Age of 18. Drink responsibly

Bernini is a real Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzantè for South African women ready to embrace their power, with the courage to be true to themselves. #GlowUpOnOurWayUp with Bernini Sparkling Grape Frizzantè.

We have profiled and selected rubies that will be testing the Bernini Amber Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzantè.

Be sure to lookout for the below hashtags over the next few weeks to follow the journey:

#rubybox #BerniniAmber #GlowGetters #NewGlowInTown

272 thoughts on “Meet the NEW ‘Glow’ In Town; Bernini Amber

  1. natashastewart2014 says:

    Welcome to the Bernini family “Bernini Amber” fingers crossed that I have been selected to test and get a taste of the Lovely Sparkling Grape Frizzantè. I will be sure to check out and follow the hashtags #rubybox #BerniniAmber #GlowGetters #NewGlowInTown 😀#Thank You Rubybox Loving the tips and looking forward to the next article!☺

      • _zesty_zen_ says:

        I’m so excited that I’ve been selected to test and review the new ‘glow in town’ Bernini Amber. Definitely ready to . #GlowUpOnOurWayUp 🥂💋

        • Fundii.Madiba says:

          I’ve been selected to give a review on the BerniniAmber (screams) #rubybox # BerniniAmber #GlowGetters #NewGlowInTown. And that’s on Period!

          • nosiphowilson says:

            #rubybox #BerniniAmber #GlowGetters #NewGlowInTown
            I really want to be picked for a alcohol campaign🥺🥺🥺

    • Boitumelo Sekonyela says:

      I’m so excited to have been selected for this amazing campaign. However, my parcel has been on the way since Monday at 06:40pm. Someone please assist with calling the Dawn Wing Courier cos my girls and I have been waiting and ready to turn up!

      I’ve called them number of times, they are not attending to my matter. Magnificent Rubies, please help a sister out.

      #BernineAmber #GlowGetters #NewGlowInTown #Rubybox

  2. candice_scorgie says:

    #rubybox #BerniniAmber #GlowGetters #NewGlowInTown

    I truly hope I’m one of the Lucky Woman to get to try this as its Woman’s Month i could really do with some chill time with my girls.

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