Let your #Wombstories be heard! [WIN]

We all have them, so why don’t we always feel comfortable talking about them? Let your #Wombstories be heard!

We want to encourage an open culture where everyone can express what they go through without fearing they won’t be properly heard/ believed and without feeling shame that they are somehow less than what they were taught to be.

The pleasure, the pain, the love, the hate. It’s never simple but it all needs to be heard. Keeping it in or leaving it unheard comes at an emotional and physical cost both at an individual and collective level.

Sharing yours can be fun and freeing. Not only that, the more we talk, the more we encourage others to do the same. The unseen, unspoken, unknown stories of our periods, our #wombstories, are so much more complex and profound!

WIN by sharing your #wombstories:

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  • Share your #Wombstories in the comments down below
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Competition T&C: This competition is only open to rubybox members residing in South Africa. The prize is a a personalised Libresse hamper and a R1000 Voucher to a spa of your choice. The hamper cannot be exchanged for cash. The selected winner will need to have a physical South African delivery address. To enter you need to follow the above instructions. The winner will have 24 hours to acknowledge winning as well as confirm their delivery. Should the winner fail to do this within 24 hours of being notified another winner will be selected in their place. The competition will close 6/09/2021  and the winner will be announced 7/09/2021. Judge’s decision is final. The hamper will be sent within 4 weeks of the competition closing.

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240 thoughts on “Let your #Wombstories be heard! [WIN]

  1. Bernice L. says:

    Hey Ladies, my #Wombstorie begins in 2010 when i fell pregnant with my twins. I had a beautiful pregnancy and carried full term, my kids were 2.8kg and 2.5kg which is a good size, however in my 8th month I started developing aczema. On my tummy, under my arms and on my feet. I went to the Dermo and he told me that my body is becoming allergic to the pregnancy. None the less I went on the took the meds he gave me. As soon as the twins pop out via C-section the eczema went away, Never to return.
    It doesnt end there, So because I didnt want to get pregnant again I went on the 3 month injection, which then ruin my sexy life because my libido was so low on that injection I would literally have been an 80 year old granny.
    So I opted for the loop, which was placed inside me in 2015. A few months went by and suddenly had all shade of discharge. I was scared and went for my PAP smear. Came back that I had CIN3 cell in my cervix due to the loop which is a sort of cancer cell that was growing. Lucky it was caught early. I went in for a cone biopsy, this is when they cut some of the affected cervix away. for 3 years i had to go for my pap smear every 6 month just to be sure that it was all gone. If it had come back they would have needed to remove my womb. But I am grateful for all the things my body can handle. This is my #wombstorie. I hope I win 🙂

    #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  2. Kaylyn v. says:

    Having given birth 7 years ago to my son, I’ve always had a heavy flow, as a result I reverted to the 3 month injection, this took a bad toll on my body, and I’ve been off it for some time now. Getting my period again for a full 7 day cycle, I could never walk comfortably, using libresse which was recommended by a friend is not only affordable but sooo comfortable! Here is taking back who I once was before#fierce#comfortable#onthemove
    : #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  3. Reitumetse M. says:

    When I first had my period, it was super heavy and lasted longer but gradually shortened and became somewhat light. But you know what got worse? the menstrual pains!

    My uterus literally threw the worst tantrum every month until I started introducing a few things, including Drinking herbal teas, doing some exercises prior to my period and yoni steaming which sort of helped ease the pains. I then started embracing that time of the month with pride.

    #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

    • Mentor T. says:

      Morning Fam, so my #wombstory goes like this. It was 2009 when I fell pregnant & it was my 1st pregnancy, I was 19 yrs old going to 20 & I didn’t plan to get pregnant it just happened but like most teenage mother’s I’m sure we all have the same reaction, so my pregnancy went just fine until I got to 9months, 1 week & my water didn’t break, I was not feeling any pain or feeling like the baby is pushing on me, the baby was not active anymore & I went to the clinic & explained to the nurses then I got send to a hospital, the next day my partner accompanied me to the hospital & I had packed a bag thinking I was going to ask for them to induce my labour as I also had discovered I had low blood at the time but the doctor just examined me & send me home, said if I don’t give birth in the next week I should come back & induce labour. I had no choice I left & when I got home my mom decided we should go for another doctor in limpopo, then I had to travel to limpopo so cut long story short I lost the baby it was a girl & 9 months, 3weeks later she was born still. #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseLiveFearless #NormalizePeriods.

  4. Portia Sphesihle N. says:

    I have always had a problem with my periods. Being a young woman with a heavy flow, one day at school I was sitting in class for lessons. As the class was over, I stood up and the blood just flew down my legs to my white school socks. The pad I was wearing couldn’t absorb my flow and couldn’t protect me enough. The embarrassment I had to go through during my high school days haunted me until I tried out Libresse pads. I love the length, the softness and that it quickly absorbs my heavy flow, giving me the freedom to move freely.

    #RubyBoxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

    • Emma Nelisiwe K. says:

      My #wombstorie I had fibroides after having my first son. When I had my second son I started menstruating non stop for 6 months. I went to different specialists and would only stop for two or three days. I became very thin and started having iron dificients due to this. My only comfort was to have variety of Libresse panty liners for different flows. Now I am healthy and happy to share my Libresse stories with you.
      #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

    • Nompumelelo B. says:

      #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

      My womb story.. I had a baby in 2018 to be honest I was not a person who is going on periods but soon after given birth I was bleeding heavy I used Libresse for my heavy flow and it helped because I was not getting myself dirty while using them. Thank you Libresse

  5. Chenay K. says:

    My wombstories is iv always struggled with my periods, i was a late bloomer at 17 and had heavy flow and painfull periods. After a very difficult birth if my daughter i decided to take the 3month injection to curb my cycle but it just made it irregular.
    I was than bleeding on and off but mostly bleeding this year i decided to go for my papsmear to see ehat could be wrong as i was in terrible pain for 3months i could no longer urinate, when i was checked i had a mass outside the uterus and was pregnant a Chronic ectopic pregnancy,
    my world fell apart as me and my hubby had tried for a baby. I had a emergency the fetus had ruptured and my fallopian tube aswell it had formed a 8cm mass so i had that removed aswell i now have 1 tube my cycle is normal but its a long road to recovery still mentally. I found grwat comfort in this brand its comfortable pads , lightweight liners at affordable prices and what this brand stands for#rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  6. Siphesihle M. says:

    My #wombstories is that I suffer from severe period cramps every month and painkillers don’t help me.. A comfortable, hugging and absorbing pads that will make me feel better. I don’t have to worry about leakage problems… Being on my period is the time when I’m reminded that women are strong and brave because we go through so much but we always conquer and live our lives to the fullest!


  7. Phumelela B. says:

    There was a time in my teens where I could not afford to buy sanitary towels and i love the affordability that libresse pads offers. I tend to have severe menstrual cramps as well and nothing I enjoy more than wearing a comfortable pad during the unpleasant time. I#Wombstory #LiveFearlessly #Normalise Periods #LibresseUltraPads

  8. Bongiwe P. says:

    My #Wombstories is that I am a breadwinner and I am constantly on the go so sometimes periods can have an impact on that by causing me to slow down and a lot of discomfort and pain as i am a heavy flow 7 days type of period type of girl, but if i have a pad that is my best friend all becomes well again. In a pad I look for a hugging, protection, absorption and comfort because i once had a leak at work which was very embarrassing. #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

    • Fadwah Z. says:

      My wombstory had always been a nightmare.
      Since using the Libresse pads I can sleep right through the night,no leaks and discomfort.
      In the day I can move around without feeling uncomfortable.
      The sanitary towel is thin but is doing a great job.
      Will recommend anyone to try this.
      #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

      • Kgabo L. says:

        Hello my womb story started in 2017 which is when I fell pregnant and had a healthy and happy one with no complications. When the pregnancy was due the water didn’t break and had to spend two days at the hospital to get my labour induced but I gave birth naturally with no complications. After birth my periods were neither heavy no light but moderate flow and since I wasn’t breastfeeding they took around two months without stopping but after stopping they went back to normal.
        #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless
        #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  9. Landiso Asathi M. says:

    Hey Loves
    So when I was 19 I was doing my first year a varsity and I had not had my periods at that time… So one normal day.. I remember I was wearing white skinny jeans… So during a lecture I wasn’t feeling very well… I stood up and went to the toilet.. As I stood up everyone was literally even the professor himself… Confused I walk down approaching the door… Went to the toilet when I got the there I was being stared at.. Got inside and to my uprise… I had my periods….embarrassment of my life… Months passed by I was using a pad that was suggested by a friend… So my field of study requires me to move a lot bcoz I dance and move around a lot.. So my sanitary towel leaked… And I was not okay anymore…. Before testing and review… I bought the pads to try them out… Guess who is now confident during my red days all thanks @libresse and @rubybox I can move freely Wear any bright colour even during my periods .
    rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

    • Henisha I. says:

      I just love those pads I feel safe an confident. I’m one of those ladies that suffer with extremely heavy bleeding. Libress are my go to pads any day an they are affordable.
      #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

      • Livhuani Cathrine M. says:

        I was always suffered a lot with heavy bleeding after Laproscopy surgery without knowing which best sanitary i must use until i get across with #LibresseUltrapads that help normalized my bleeding.

      • Yolana M. says:

        My wombstory is a pretty crazy one.. fell pregnant during the pandemic no baby shower no maternity shoot…. I was 7months pregnant with my baby boy and my water broke prematurely. Rushed to hospital and Had an emergency c section …. libresse pads are amazing and helped Me during my sons 3 week stay in nicu

        • Ziphozihle R. says:

          I started my period when I was 11, which is now 20 years ago. At around 12 years old I couldn’t bare the period pains and I would get advice from my older family members including my mom who’s a nurse. So I tried them all from changing diet to special teas and painkillers. Finally my parents decided to take me to gynecologist and he said they won’t stop after my first child.
          At 27 I had my daughter whoohoo 💃🏾 no more period pains…. Wrong, the doctor was so wrong. I still have those pains but they are a bit manageable now or I’m just used to them. 🙂
          #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

    • Shereece G. says:

      After having my one and only child I started feeling a lot of pain and discomfort during my period it got to a point where I went to see my doctor which led to me being diagnosed with endometriosis and overian cysts Wich is why I have such an abnormal heavy flow with absolutely painful cramps
      #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

      • Winnie Jane M. says:

        I have a heavy flow and my period last up to 5days my skin is so sensitive I develop rush easy with other products of pads it became so uncomfortable to walk in public but since I tried libresse ultra pads I am more happy and care free

    • malehu R. says:

      My wombstory is when I was 17 years at high school, seeing my periods for the first time, having period pain and afraid to tell my teacher I just cried.
      #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless
      #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

    • Zaakiyah B. says:

      In April 2019 I gave birth for the first time via emergency c section. Whilst in hospital I was in an unbearable amount of pain, the cut area was burning and I could barely move.. Once discharged I continued pain medication and a week later removed the plaster.. It was then that I realized my cut was infected and I had to go back… 2 weeks post partum I was cut open under local aneasthetic in order to drain the infection.. I felt it all.. It’s an experience that I will never forget and what made me so nervous about having to go through it all again… If more people shared these stories or spoke about it.. Then they would know ti speak up in hospital I now know that the pain I experienced was not normal as It didnt feel that way now with my second c-section.. Never be afraid to speak out and ask.. #wombstories #livefearless #normalizeperiods #libresseultrapads #rubyboxlibresse

    • Hlengiwe N. says:

      My Wombstory is, before I fell pregnant with my first born I was having heavy periods for 5 days with strong pains through out. After giving I now get 3 days period still heavy with little pains than before. But I’ve noticed that blood clots have become bigger than before I did consult a doctor however he said there’s absolutely no problem with my womb, I’m still experiencing heavy bleeding…….

      • Mabhuqa S. says:

        My womb story goes:
        I stated my periods when I was 13 and it always been heavy flow for the first 3 days, so I use a pad and a tampon and i use pads only for normal flow for the remaining days usually not more than 2days, so in 2015 one long weekend my husband and our two kids went on holiday in some holiday resort for the long weekend, it was supposed to be my last day of menstruation woke up in the morning, did my hygiene process as usual and put on a pad as usual and went for breakfast buffet in the resort, helped my kids choose their food, then took my plate to dish for myself a lady tapped me on my back and asked me to accompany her to her room I did not ask anything left my plate and walk out she was following me, as soon as we were out the restaurant she told me I messed my dress, I was so embarrassed she accompanied me to my room she had my room keys from my husband and asked if I had sanitaries she really helped me and made me feel comfort, the next morning I did not go for breakfast I was still embarrassed, she came to my room and get me when she saw my family at breakfast without me.