rubybox reviews & ratings: Vawter Hard Seltzer

Are you looking for an alternative light alcoholic beverage that offers all of the Sunday-Funday with none of the Blue Monday?

Vawter Hard Seltzer is a range of vodka and sparkling water with infused natural fruit flavours and is available in three deliciously-fun, and refreshingly-light natural flavours:

  • Juicy Grapefruit
  • Refreshing Cucumber
  • Zesty Lemon & Lime

Not only is Vawter easy on the eyes and light on life but also low in alcohol (3.5% Alc) and in calories with only 29Kcal per 100ml. So, it’s all the fun without the guilt. Because sometimes you need to work out and sometimes you need to chill out. Come live it up on the light side with Vawter Hard Seltzer!

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Final Reviews and Ratings:

Our rubybox members have spoken, the reviews and ratings are officially in and we can’t wait to share them with you! We’ve sent Vawter Hard Seltzer to profiled rubybox members and here’s what they had to say:

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  • 9/10 rubies would recommend Vawter Hard Seltzer to their friends
  • 5/10 rubies have already purchased more Vawter Hard Seltzer after having received their test sample from rubybox
  • 8/10 rubies would switch from their current alcoholic drink to Vawter Hard Seltzer
  • 9/10 rubies would be more likely to purchase Vawter Hard Seltzer knowing it’s light in calories.
  • 9/10 rubies agree that Vawter Hard Seltzer is the perfect drink for a balanced lifestyle.
  • 7/10 rubies would drink Vawter Hard Seltzer in the early evenings

We are pleased to say that our rubybox members have enjoyed living on the light side with Vawter Hard Seltzer. Allowing you to have a Sunday Funday without a Blue Monday.

Would you like to try Vawter Hard Seltzer?

*Based on a survey of 467 rubybox members that tested & reviewed the Vawter Hard Seltzer in May 2021.

17 thoughts on “rubybox reviews & ratings: Vawter Hard Seltzer

  1. albertinamoloto244 says:

    Looking at the Flavours …mmmh..feel like drinking 3 cold ones now😋. I am looking forward to try it #vawter Hard seltzer, plus the low alcohol percentage.. sounds like it was made for me 😍

  2. boohler03 says:

    Definitely looking forward to trying the Vawter Hard Seltzer as it has a lightly alcoholic beverage which gives me the advantage as it is easy on the eyes and light on life but also low in alcohol (3.5% Alc) and in calories with only 29Kcal per 100ml.

  3. natashastewart2014 says:

    Oh yes I would definitely Love to try Vawter Hard Seltzer. Love the description of the flavours makes me want to get them all ☺ Thank you Rubies for the feedback on how you found this product while testing it. 😀#Thank You Rubybox Loving the tips and looking forward to the next article!☺

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