Date Night On A Budget

Who doesn’t love a super romantic date night, well until it comes to the end of the month and you are anxiously awaiting payday. Let’s be real, date night can be expensive.

Luckily, a fun date with your new bae or forever love doesn’t have to cost a cent. Whether you are still in the honeymoon phase or just looking to keep things exciting, give one of these free and fun date ideas a try.

Take a hike – 

We have some of the most beautiful hikes and nature reserves in the world on our doorstep, so let this be an opportunity to not only enjoy each other’s company but enjoy our countries beautiful surroundings. Plus you will get a good workout in and of course a couple of snaps for the gram.

Cook at home – 

Why spend money on an expensive dinner when you can have fun in the kitchen at home for half the price, double the fun. Take a look at the ingredients that are readily available on-hand and google recipes that you can put together at no extra cost.

Game night – 

Who isn’t a little competitive? Let’s be honest we all have a competitive streak in us. A friendly game night, taking turns picking what game to play next is not only fun but a wonderful way to bond.

Movie marathon – 

Pick a cold night throw in some popcorn, chocolate maybe even finish that open bottle of red in the fridge. Crawl under the covers and binge-watch your all-time favourite movies together. This is also the perfect excuse to snuggle after a long day or week.

Home spa day – 

A trip to the spa is far from cheap. So put together your own little pamper session in the comfort of your own home. Light a few candles and spend the night pampering each other with face masks and cucumber slices and end it off with a soak in the bath.

Let us know if you have only other date ideas you can share with each other when it comes to a budget?

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  1. irish.palo says:

    Guys, personally, I love a man that is open minded when it comes to music because having a music date night where you can share one another’s playlists and listening to them together with pizza and wine while getting to know one another and communicating through music is amazing ❤️

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