Elgydium Whitening Range [Test & Review]

A smile will always be in fashion – so it’s important to look after yours.

Introducing the new whitening range from Elgydium. Start to see visible results after only 2 weeks when using the Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste daily, and alternating with the Brilliance and Care Whitening Toothpaste twice a week.

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We’re looking for rubies to test & review the new whitening range from Elgydium PLUS we’re sending an extra set for you to share with a friend or family member.


Click here to take the opt-in survey *NB – Be sure to have a clear photo of your teeth ready, as we will need a ‘before’ photo from you when opting in for this test & review campaign. We posted some tips below on how to take the best photo, as well as an example.

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  • This photo can definitely be taken as a ‘selfie’; hold the camera at arm’s length
  • Do not add any filters or effects on your before or after photo
  • Make sure your teeth are clean if you take the photo after eating
  • You can wear lipstick and make-up in these photos
  • Be sure to take the photo while standing in front of a plain wall and in good lighting and use the same place to take the after photo.
  • Extra Tip: Look at the ‘before’ photo when you are taking the ‘after’ photo and make sure that they both have the same background and lighting.

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