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Money Habits of Happy Couples 💰

It’s said that couples who budget together stick together! It’s the month of love so get on the same page as you partner when it comes to money and save yourselves a whole lot of stress and anxiety. Here’s some tips shared by happy couples: 1. Understand and respect each other’s views No two people […]

The Easiest Ways To Save On Food Shopping

We all want to save, but how many of us are actively managing to do so? In a recent survey that was done with 20 000 women across South Africa it wasn’t surprising to see that only half of us rubies are managing to actively save some moola in a month. Life’s hard at the […]

Bad Money Habits To Ditch NOW

The new year is in full swing, but are there any bad money habits from 2021 that you are hanging on to? We tend to fall into the trap of doing the same things year in and year out, and nothing ever changes unless we take action. You may be feeling that you’re paying too […]