When women support each other, incredible things happen #GlowGetterSquad

When women support each other, incredible things happen #GlowGetterSquad

One woman’s accomplishment is an accomplishment for all women. And we should all celebrate that. We should empower the women around us who are like us, the Glow Getters, to succeed and excel in every aspect of their lives. #GlowGetterSquad

We are all Glow Getters on our way up who are working hard to become everything we want to be. While Glow Getters are united by our shared journey, we are not all the same – each of us has our own personal goals and unique visions and of course our own unique Glow Getter Squad.

A #GlowGetterSquad is a group of women who are like you, they too know that it takes hard work, goals, hustle, and heart to move up and become everything they want to be.

They’re the ones who stand up and cheer for you at every victory and celebrate your glow-up, just like you do for them.

Glow Up on Your Way Up

Tell us more about your #GlowGetterSquad and you could WIN a Fenty make-up kit worth R5000!

We want to know more about your #GlowGetterSquad – who are the ladies in your life that cheer you on, always have your back, and who you celebrate with on your journey.

Step 1:

Comment below and tell us who your #GlowGetterSquad is and what they have done to support you.

Step 2:

Share this article and tag your #GlowGetterSquad on Facebook or Twitter so they can see how much of an impact they have made in your life. Don’t forget to also tag #rubybox so we can count your entry.

By doing this you also show that when you support other women, it takes nothing away from you – A glowing woman can help other women and still be lit.

We cannot wait to be inspired by your stories and #GlowGetterSquad goals!

Remember rubies – A glowing woman can help other women and still be lit.

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Competition T&C:

This competition is open to all South African residents and rubybox members only. The prize is a Fenty make-up kit valued at R5000. The hamper cannot be exchanged for cash. The selected winner will need to have a physical South African delivery address. To enter you need to comment on this article with your story and include the above-mentioned hashtags. The winner will have 24 hours to acknowledge winning as well as confirm their delivery details and any other possible profile questions needed to pack the product kit. Should the winner fail to do this within 24 hours of being notified another winner will be selected in their place. The competition will close midnight 6/07/2020 and the winner will be announced 7/07/2020. Judge’s decision is final. The prize will be sent within 4 weeks of the competition closing)

529 thoughts on “When women support each other, incredible things happen #GlowGetterSquad

  1. motlanaangie says:

    My GlowGetterSquad are my sisters. We support each other in every situation we encounter and boost each other’s morale. And I’m honored to be around them. #GlowGetterSquat#

  2. adeleraybin says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is more then family to me. They are my support system and they tingle my spidey senses. We are all different and all different degrees of feisty. We are funny and understand each others social needs. We have different styles. Some of us are glamourlicious and others afrochic. Some of us love heels and others chill in flats or sneakers. We all love a bargain and are shopaholics for different things. We all have kids and our daughters are mini versions of us. We have some that love makeup and others that some eyeliner and lipstick is enough. We embrace natural hair, other peoples hair and chemically enhanced hair. But most of all we stand together, cry together and fight together. But best of all we are all givers and councellors to our friends outside of the circle. They stood with me when I had Covid19 in the beginning of lockdown. They kept me sane and literally threatened me in getting help. They googled natural remedies and kept me updated with the world. They woke up in the middle of the night with me, when I would have rather succumbed to death, to keep me sane till the sun came out again. They understand when I dont answer, they call when I am too quiet. They get me and that makes them glamorous to me!

    • Patience says:

      My #GlowGetterSquad are my 5 sisters, and my mom we have been through a lot together..my cousin Judith ,my human diary..they are my pillar of strength and have been there for me when I lost 3 pregnancies,was in and out of hospitals and when I thought I didn’t deserve to live..they prayed and hoped with me, until sunshine and a sweet miracle came.. thank you Tsunki, Dzidzai,Zvashe,Tino and Judith..#rubybox..#GlowGetterSquad#

  3. motloungn4 says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad definitely has to be my sister, my mother and cousin. They have been amazingly supportive to me, they are my praying partners. We cry, laugh and pray together. They never get tired of my complaining, they listen to me nagging all day. Whenever I feel like giving up they always have my back.

  4. banzie035 says:

    #GlowGetterSqaud…My sister’s are my GlowGetterSqaud.. Thy support me through almost everything.. During my pregnancy and aftr pregnancy when I was going throu post natal depression thy wre my pillar of strength.. They have encouraged me to be a go getter in life… I always turn to thm for advices,I have the best sisters in the whole wide world.. My GlowGetterSqaud ❤️

  5. bopape.pertunia says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is my best friends. They are nothing short of a blessing to me. They have been there for me since the day they each came into my life. When I was pregnant, they stood by me, made sure i take my supplements and eat regularly. They literally became a part of my pregnancy journey; wanting to know the doctor’s report each time and wanting see each every scan. After I gave birth, they were still there, waiting for me to shout whenever i was struggling. They held my hand throughout my Postpartum depression and I overcame because they believed in me. They are my champions

  6. makungumazibuko says:

    My #*GlowGetterSquart* are my mom, my sister in law and my little sister. They are the reason Am still standing and be a fighter, we incourage each other to be better in all times.

  7. elizabethmpofu27 says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad are my sisters in Christ… lm grateful to have them in my life in all seasons
    They have been there showing support spiritual and and physical..l think they deserve a makeover #GlowGettersquad.

  8. fekile.sibeko says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad are my Sisters Khosi and Nandi. we have been through a lot in the past year .we lost our brother and uncle that we really depended on and it has been a challenge coping with their lost.we support each other in so many ways.they are my rock and don’t know what i would have done without them.i love them so much and pray that God will Bless in every step they take.

  9. Penelope Nuku says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is my varsity friends. I say varsity specifically because even though I have had friends throughout primary school and high school, the friends that I made in varsity are by far the best. We met in first year and we have been friends ever since.

    They taught me how to braid my own hair, how to put on a lace wig and how to apply the most perfect winged liner, #GlowGetterSquad goals 🎉💕. We have also been through some of the toughest moments together such as getting bad grades and bouncing back. Late night pep talks before a big exam and just those motivational talks when everything seems to be falling apart. Be it boyfriend drama, outfit crisis or simply struggling to print out an assignment.

    They taught me what true friendship is about and how to nurture and grow with each other… also we had our first Bernini Blush drinks together in our dorm room, we snuck them in and drank them in the McD’s sippy cups because we were not allowed to have such drinks.

    We have so many great memories and our friendships together are still thriving. 💖

    I am looking forward to many more years with my #GlowGetterSquad and #RubyBox because these moments are what I will cherish forever. 💝

  10. Nikita Naidoo says:

    My #GlowGetterSquard consist of two beautiful Ladies @ShanelNarainsamy and @CarminSookraj. These ladies have been my ride or die for the longest time! They are the most supportive, motivating and caring ladies I’ve ever met. They are always clapping for my success and never fail to cheer me on. These ladies are selfless and down to earth and have seen me through some of the toughest times. Even though life gets crazy some times these ladies never fail to check up on me and always look out for me. They are always ready to lend a helping hand and are always available to listen to me. I’ve never been more grateful for such powerful women.#RubyBox

    • Nicole Naicker says:

      #GlowGetterSquad my Glowgetter squad is my daughter Casey Naicker who has always stood by me ,she is an amazing young achiever who taught me to Excell in life,be strong ,go forth and conquer,she is a stude5 that has her degree in Bcom and gives me advice and encourage me to always live out my dreams and never throw in the towel ,she is definitely a great friend and is loyal #RubyBox #GlowGetterSquad

  11. amukelani.maholovela says:

    My glow squad are my two sisters, they have been my pillar of strength in many ways in my life, their love and support has carried me through my difficult times in my life lately after losing my job n marriage at the same time and I wouldn’t trade them for anything, I love them dearly

  12. Rukaya says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is definitely my two sisters. We lost our mom 11 years ago and have stuck together ever since. Whenever we feel down we can always count on each other even if it’s just a smile they always know how to make feel better. They definitely deserve to be pampered.

  13. nomondemteto says:

    My #Glowgetter are the two ladies in my life Thozama and Cwayita they have been my pillar of strength through thick and thin. We been out on holidays like in 2014 we were in cruise trip in Portuguese island wooow , I miss going out with my friends a lot

  14. mokgadi says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad are my nieces. We do almost everything together. We celebrate and cry together. I remember when I lost my mom, they moved in with me for a months. They r my pillars, friends, family. We do roadshow, house parties as time allows us. We step in and support each in times of need. I love them girls.. Itumeleng, Kholo and Tracy…what a blessing they r to me n my kids. #rubybox

  15. jodielaurenrose says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is a bunch of five special ladies who always have my back no matter what the occasion. Be it in sad times, celebrations and tragedy I know I can count on them. Through planning my wedding and losing my first baby they were there. Always to lend a ear, dance or cry with me. And for that they are my #GlowGetterSquad

  16. Rukaya says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is definitely my two sisters. We lost our mom 11 years ago and have stuck together ever since. Whenever we feel down we can always count on each other even if it’s just a smile they always know how to make feel better. They definitely deserve to be pampererd.

  17. Galaletsang Senwedi says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is quite amaizing, they support and motivate me to do more,they keep me going in every step of the way,am greatful to have a group of ladies like them in my life,we lift each other in all aspects of life,we love beauty and pampering ourselves.#GlowGetterSquad

  18. mamolopev1213 says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is my mom, my cousin Angie and Shanon. These ladies are always there for me even in my darkest hour. When my kids and I need a meal for the day I know I can call them at any hour and they make things happen for me. Being an only child I don’t have sisters or brothers to relay on and I must say I have a great support just from them. I love you ladies.

  19. Nokulunga Betyl Jwara says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad are small girls btw the ages of 3 to 13yrs they are my neighbors.
    I am grateful to have them in my life they don’t do much but whenever I come back from work I always find them on the street playing but without fail they greet me with a big hug and a smile on their faces, They always make my day, I just luv them a lot

  20. Gugu.Moyo says:

    My #GlowGetterSquadis amazing group of women who support me all the way. They support me when i need them the most and we celebrate together. When i turned 35 they took a trip with me to celebrate my birthday at Zanzibar. We are the squad and a force that makes things happen. They check on my mental health and make sure I’m okay. In them i have a family.

  21. Mariam Mkhanda-Mcanyana says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is all things amazing. We’re a group of women who are driven, we have goals, we’re nurturers, we’re hustlers of note, and we’re each other’s motivation to become everything that we want to be. More importantly we pray together and for each other.

    We are each other’s cheerleaders. We celebrate each other’s victories and progressions.


  22. shellaine.muller says:

    My “glow getter” as been there for this last 3 months with lockdown, very trying times With kids out of school and very scary times, not sure what’s going to happen. It’s family! You can’t do anything with out family xxx #glow # rubybox # family for life

  23. Roslyn Abrahams says:

    My amazing #GlowGetterSquad are the most amazing friends ever. We support one another to the fullest, we always look out for each other and give advise when its due. The love we have has grown and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. My friends are always there for me through the good times and the bad.
    I am cherished!

  24. Tayyibah Ballim says:


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