When women support each other, incredible things happen #GlowGetterSquad

When women support each other, incredible things happen #GlowGetterSquad

One woman’s accomplishment is an accomplishment for all women. And we should all celebrate that. We should empower the women around us who are like us, the Glow Getters, to succeed and excel in every aspect of their lives. #GlowGetterSquad

We are all Glow Getters on our way up who are working hard to become everything we want to be. While Glow Getters are united by our shared journey, we are not all the same – each of us has our own personal goals and unique visions and of course our own unique Glow Getter Squad.

A #GlowGetterSquad is a group of women who are like you, they too know that it takes hard work, goals, hustle, and heart to move up and become everything they want to be.

They’re the ones who stand up and cheer for you at every victory and celebrate your glow-up, just like you do for them.

Glow Up on Your Way Up

Tell us more about your #GlowGetterSquad and you could WIN a Fenty make-up kit worth R5000!

We want to know more about your #GlowGetterSquad – who are the ladies in your life that cheer you on, always have your back, and who you celebrate with on your journey.

Step 1:

Comment below and tell us who your #GlowGetterSquad is and what they have done to support you.

Step 2:

Share this article and tag your #GlowGetterSquad on Facebook or Twitter so they can see how much of an impact they have made in your life. Don’t forget to also tag #rubybox so we can count your entry.

By doing this you also show that when you support other women, it takes nothing away from you – A glowing woman can help other women and still be lit.

We cannot wait to be inspired by your stories and #GlowGetterSquad goals!

Remember rubies – A glowing woman can help other women and still be lit.

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529 thoughts on “When women support each other, incredible things happen #GlowGetterSquad

  1. nkikimakhura says:

    My friends who have always encouraged me to do better and be better. They have always been the number one supports system and my mother. She is my rock cheers me up on every single thing I do. The first person yo comment on my YT videos even when she has no idea what I’m talking about their support is a glownation support#glowgettersquad

    • vsekhula says:

      My #GlowGetterSquad is my two best friends, we’ve been friends since primary/middle school, they have supported me throughout my childhood. We even decided to glow better together by opening our own construction company called Di Tlougatsi PTY, we build each other and also support each other through business and private life. What a way to glow with your friends right 😉

      • ylupondo85 says:

        My #GlowGetterSquad is no doubt my son’s grandma she always had my back from the day 1 and when my son was born she has been my support system when i felt i was on my own she made sure i never feel alone,she love my son like it was her own.when i lost my job she made sure i never worry about my son’s well being she doesn’t work but she makes everything fall in place and i dont know how she does it thats why i call her my angel,then i have my girls my sister’s from another mother’s they showed me the true meaning of ubuntu,they tought me the value of sisterhood is not just when things are going well but when are bad too and family is not just by blood …#GlowGetterSquad #rubybox

        • anelen.gumede says:

          Is Khethelo Buthelezi. We met in varsity, we became besties,she has a pure heart ❤️ She is employed and am unemployed,she always ask about what i need ❤️
          We motivate and build each other everyday.

      • psibanda964 says:

        My #GlowGetterSquad Agnes Mudau. My friend, cousin my other half. Am not complete if i dnt talk or see her. She is my pillar and my strength.. She taught me tht in life you build urself from nothing to become something.. She is a strong woman. Who have been through a lot. Good and bad. In her i see a mentor. When we chill i knw am with the rite person. I have been raped, stabbed, heartbroken. She is always on my side.. Ilove her so much..

      • mhlungulethiwe1 says:

        My #GlowGetterSquard is My mom, always said: “Be YOU, to be
        be-YOU-tiful.” Which means, stay true to who you are, because that is what makes you beautiful!”
        My mom is the strongest woman I know. Like any teenager, I was tough on my Mom over the years, and I’m so lucky for all the love and patience she’s given me. We decided to start a business together three years ago and I’ve discovered through working together that we’re very alike- when you’re young you can’t see or appreciate that. It’s so special to have a friendship with your Mom. She has always believed in me; taught me to embrace failures and that’s helped me learn to love myself. Her best advice, ironically is the one I disagreed with growing up: ‘A messy room is a messy mind!’ Now, I think: It’s so true!” #GlowGletterSquard#jabu Magubane Sithole♥️

      • Sanele Portia Sibiya says:

        My #glowgetter squad is my family
        And friends. My sister Zinhle; My nieces Nombulelo and Wendy and my friends Zanele; Bongekile and Samukelisiwe .
        We always encourage each other to be the best of who their are.. The support is amazing; we work hard and as a team always.
        We always find the best in each other and number one support system. We cheer behind each others success and we work together to support each other in any failure.

        We go through life’s challenges together; we laugh together and we cry together. We do our best to make life worth living for and most difficult circumstances bearable.
        We teach each other word of mouth
        We pray together and we pray for each other
        We encourage good behaviour all the team. .we are a family that hustles together. Even my friends have extended the friendship into sisterhood..
        We plan everything together and we always make sure we constructively criticise each when need be.. Being raised by a single mum( may her soul rest in peace) was never a walk in the park but it taught us to love each other; support each other and remember the biggest gift of all LOVE..
        Love is all that we had and knew and that has kept us together; stronger and better..
        Our love for each other is unconditional.

      • christinagibb1966 says:

        My #GlowGetter Squad are Nossie V. d Westhuizen, Beronice Melody and Denise Smith. We use to be work colleagues and best friends. We always had each other’s backs and can share any problems knowing that it will stay between us. We are still having our ladies knights out and our outings with each ones birthday. I really ant wait for lock down to be something of the past because we miss each other and have already made plans. We support each other in any family crises and is always there when one needs help. We love each other dearly and pray that it will stay this way till death. We are friends for over 25years now. #Rubyboc

        • algabmkanga says:

          My #Glowgettersquard, my mom she’s been a piller of strength equipped with immense support system. When Im having the lows of life she’s always there. She’s so kind not only to me but everyone around her. This inspires me to do more to the people around me and my friends. It gives me joy changing someone’s life for the better

    • minenhlemashila says:

      My #Glowgettersquard,my friends from college, they have been a great support and always encouraged me to be a better person, they taught me that we are not defined by our past but what drives us is the vision of what the future holds for us, not to forget my mother, she is my strength and I don’t know what I would have been without her.

      • buyiswakeshirom says:

        My #GlowGetterSquad are my Sisterhood squad, the Woman of integrity my Mother my Sister’s in Christ they are very supportive to me they always share their journey to success and share how they face the challenges they face everyday they pray with me and they have supported me when I was admitted in hospital with depression they encourage me that it’s not the end of the world they visited me in hospital gave me hope in life they bring out the best in me they believe in me that gives me more confidence to believe I can archive anything in life .

      • Conny Gwai says:

        My #GlowGetterSquad are my 4 friends/ Sisters who inspired me to be a better version of my self.
        We are always there to support each other through prayer, landing a hand when needed, financially, physically being there for one another, encouraging each other that no matter what, we are capable, strong enough, our happiness and worth cannot be compromised and that whatever we wish to achieve we can achieve it!
        We celebrate each other’s success and lift up those who fall along the road. My #GlowGetterSquad is an inspiration to other women in our society and I thank God for them!
        I am an entrepreneur today, I am a better mother to my kids, a better wife to my husband and i have stronger faith than ever before because of the positive influence I have gained from them.

      • fikilecebs06 says:

        #GlowGetter squad are my sisters. They supported me through thick and thin. I remember loosing my daddy babies. He died left me with nothing but my sisters help me to study at Unisa to persue my bachelor degree. Because of my sisters I am a qualified permanently employed teacher. My late mother was my inspiration. She taught us to be there for each other in what ever situation. We may have our differences as family but we are always united when life throws lemons to one of us. I know that with my sisters on my side, we can conquer the world. I always strive to keep my family happy all the time in return.

      • sellomaleshoane74 says:

        My #GlowGetter Squad are my three childhood friends we have been there for each other through better and worse moments they have tough me how to use makeup they all got their drivers licenses, cars and houses before me and encouraged me also to obtain mine which I did. In March this year my partner died they have been there for me up until today they still make sure that one of them spends a weekend with me until the morning period is over.
        #my glow getter squad

    • Rufaro Makwengura says:

      #GlowGetterSquad is My mother and my little sister.These 2 if they could stop the world just for they would.When l am down they pick me up,when l am giving up they cheer me on.They are my number one cheerleaders.They always there in my time of need my squad l can never ask for anything more(Rumbidzai Nuamakura)
      Nyasha Makwarimba the 2 people l can always count on

      • mmakwenaboshomane says:

        My glow together squad are my sisters and cousins, they have actually been nothing but the best, they have been with me since like forever through all the stages of life, and this year on my birthday together with my aunt they made “the pots” I didn’t expect what they did for me, I am still so thankful for what they have done, I was going through the most difficult time of my life, I had finally walked away from a very toxic relationship with my ex partner and they supported me, they threw me a biggest birthday celebration party ever, I really had a great time and I don’t even know how to thank them, for the support and love, I wouldn’t have survived it all if it wasn’t for them, they have really been my pillars and I love them so much

      • mmakwenaboshomane says:

        My #GlowGetterSquad are my sisters and cousins, they have actually been nothing but the best, they have been with me since like forever through all the stages of life, and this year on my birthday together with my aunt they made “the pots” I didn’t expect what they did for me, I am still so thankful for what they have done, I was going through the most difficult time of my life, I had finally walked away from a very toxic relationship with my ex partner and they supported me, they threw me a biggest birthday celebration party ever, I really had a great time and I don’t even know how to thank them, for the support and love, I wouldn’t have survived it all if it wasn’t for them, they have really been my pillars and I love them so much

    • nothandothabile5 says:

      My #GlowGetterSquad is my beautiful mom and my loving grandma. Whenever things seem to not be going my way, we pray and ask the Lord for guidance and strength to pull through in any situation. They have been by my side since day one. I recently expirience a tragedy in my life which i blamed myself for, they have been with me in times where it was difficult to leave the bed bringing me warm food with a cup of hot chocolate and constant prayers. I’ve learnt to accept that bad things happen in life a s we’ve got to move on. I love fhen to the moon and back. They are my rock’s and definitely my forever GlowGetterSquad

    • nokwazimavundla13 says:

      My sisters Nokukhanya and Nontokozo are my #GlowGetterSquad . We are triplets. We always support each other every step of the way in everything we love, passionate about and always encourage each other to do better. They have always supported me with my radio career path till now. I am grateful and thankful for them. The triplets are the quad from day one till now, lol meaning from the day we were born on the same day✨♥♥♥♥

    • nobuhlemvusi says:

      My friends and cousins have been my support system, they have contributed so much in my career as a bridal wear juniour designer.They have made sure that iam connected to the right chanells in order to achieve my dream.iam still a full time student in Fashion illustration whilst studyieng iam also glowing with my support back up.😍🙏💐

    • madiyatpt says:

      My #GlowGetterSquad is my dearest friends Khanyi And Ivana, l have been going through phases of marital problems that led to separation, they gave me breath when l was suffocating and reminded me of who l was before anything else, they helped grow my eagle wings again l rose and lm stronger than a rock l can face anything, l am the woman to stand up for other women with the same problems, We conquer!!! #GlowGetterSquad

    • kediboneradebe93 says:

      My #glowgettersquad is my friend we met at work and we have been close since day 1,she is my confidant and my bestie, I trust her with my darkest secret and she trusts me with hers, We opened a business together on the hair and beauty industry and were both working so it failed and we did not continue with the business, I love her to the moon and back, she is my God’s given helper, and I pray that we grow together till we reach social grant

    • Deslin HOLBY says:

      I’ve moved a lot and through all of that I’ve always had my family, my family and some friends have always been there to support me . They push me to do better and to always do what’s right, I don’t know what I’d do with out my glow team.

    • rich.dana says:

      Mu squaf we’ve been together for almost over 10 years we met through the same industry however as we grew closer we aspired to hold higher positions and study further and we always motivated to hold higher positions in our respective jobs and 10 years passed we’ve achieved all that we desired and hoped to have however within that period we never lost touched we always made sure that we meet at least for a weekend getaway just girls trip and celebrate our successes as well as what ever we have achieved that year. Since then we have made it a priority to have a girls trip yearly as we have families and children of our owns and hardly have time to meet as frequently as we hoped we would have. We’re basically family and constantly check up on each other via text or group chat just to see how everyone is doing.


    • keminasto says:

      #GlowGetterSquad is definately my sister, my two colleagues and my mom they always set a goal for me we even compete on monthly savings and our target is the December holiday. On a monthly we compete on who is having the most savings and that has encouraged all of us to save and stop buying unnecessary stuff which will not be used within three months. We visit each other and drink tea together while we are sharing our conquared temptations of shopping the unnecessaries. At the same time we support each regarding the family issues that we face daily.
      We are also planning to go to the most vulnerable and assist them the winter warmers from our wadrobes #GlowGetterSquad

    • Mandisa Sibisi says:

      My #GlowGetterSquad are my sister Snegugu and Gugulethu , if life as women we go through a lot while trying to find ourselves and establish who we really are and where we want to be , so when there are hurdles or set backs everyone needs that push to not give up and that the end will be well worth it , learning patience and courage from each other send that anything is possible …. Having family’s, while studying, having a full time job and a side hustle requires a dedicated and focused individual, we push each other to utilize the 16 hours hours out of the 24 hours wisely …and I might say we are thriving

    • thandiweblessing says:

      My mom, cousin and bestfriend are my day ones. They have always been there through my rise and fall. It is such a privilege to have such a support system in one’s life. I love them so much. #Glowgettersquad

  2. Sibongile Radunz says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is My grandmother, mother and aunt. My prayer warriors and my trusted confidants. The ones who will remain when everyone else walks out. They have carried me through the lowest points of my life and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. You give me sound advice and only want the best for me. You are an example of what to be and I am forever appreciative to have you in my life 🙂

    • scheepers199402 says:

      The Women in my life that supports me and all my ventures that guide’s me through thick and thin through all my up’s and downs’s is my Mom(Marilyn Scheepers) My Two elder sisters (Marilyn Scheepers Olifant) and (Carmen Scheepers) and my little niece (Danelle Scheepers) they remind me on a consistent basis to remain humble and to always preserve through different hardships I might come across in life, because of their encouragement I have accomplished so much of my Goals and still continue to work harder than ever before.

      Thank you so much for your time and effort into molding me to be the best I can be especially my mommy.

      My family has taught me so much regarding how to be a young women and how to never give up on your dreams and never to underestimate the power you have as a women.

      They taught me the difference between right and wrong, how to be a lady all while being exposed to so many factors that could of gotten them down and under but they kept on shining through adversity and hardships. They taught me skills that only ones family can convey correctly and morally.

      No matter how much times I feel like going off the road with lack of motivation my mother and sisters always comes out of no where like a big bright shinning star to remind me that the universe is my oyster and I need to still make so much valuable pearls in life.

      #My Glow Getter Squad Is My Main Girls, the most loyal and loving women in my life my best friends

    • Samantha McKerry says:

      My #GlowGetterSquad is my momma, my two sisters, my best friend, bae and my colleagues. Awwww, they make the world a better place. We motivate and encourage eachother on the daily. ♥️

    • Mishkah Sheik says:

      My #GlowGetterSquad is my mum Leisha Harriram and my sisterRaeesah Sheik. They’ve been with me through it all during a time in my life I suffered major depression and was admitted into a rehabilitation centre where I spent 3 months, I lost all my friends, I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Borderline personality disorder my mum and sister were there every single day and spent every last second of their visitation time cheering me, talking to me, giving me the best advice and always giving me the strength to carry on. If it was never for them I don’t want know if would have gotten out of that toxic hole. I love you guys so much.

      • nobuhlemvusi says:

        My #GlowGetterSquad is my friends and cousins,they have supported my dream of becoming a bespoke bridal wear designer since i was in primary school.I have always loved Fashion hence that is why i received a sponsership from govt to do design in footwear with the help of my friends who located me and im for ever thank full.

        I have followed my passion because of them guiding & locating me through the right chanells and it turning out perfectly.

        Im forever gratefull to have a positive support from squad 💐

        Thank you ladies🕺😍🙏

        • vuyi.shabangu49 says:

          My #GlowGetterSquad consists of 4 women, who made sure I made it this far, 1st my mom my role model my pillar my everything, she has always been there for and my siblings, she made sure that we get what we needed,not mention that after my father’s death she use to work for people just for us to have food and go to school clean, not for us only but with other kids we don’t even know who their parents are but she made sure we were all taken care of, today we are all independent through her efforts even though there are other 3 kids she’s raising but at least this time with our help, most people call in our community call her mom and they all have a lot to say about her, she’s a strong woman with a good heart and A God fearing woman, she always put other’s needs first, and she doesn’t give up easily love her lots. 2nd is my sister, my mother’s first born, she’s more like my mom and I stayed with her for 10 years and her 3 kids, she treated me like her own child helped my mom with some of my school fees and we talk about almost anything some things I can’t talk to my mom about I know she’s there for me and always makes me feel better about everything, the love she has for me you would swear she’s my mom, she tries by all means to fill my mom’s space up until I become used to not staying with mom, she’s so courageous and more responsible, she’s teaching me how to start my own business and takes care of my kids at all times. 3rd my sister in law, the first time my brother introduced her to the family I knew that we were blessed beyond, she’s humble, caring, loving and very kind, she also adds value In my life supports me even financially,encourages me to study more and more, assist were needed to, she’s the one introduced me to rubybox. 4th my friend Melissa, she’s also been there for me, most specially the time had a C – section she used to come bath my baby, wash our clothes and she was the master mind behind my beautiful baby shower, she’s strong, raising her 3 kids and 3 younger siblings since their mom past on, but still accommodated me in her life. I will forever be grateful with my glow getter squad, I’m where I am because of your love and kindness God bless you.

    • dowiecindy says:

      I have my #GlowGetterSquad all around me near and far, no matter what if i should call on them, they are always there for weather it may be just to listern, give advise or to just chill and have a glass of wine together, i am really blessed to have them in my life, i love my #GlowGetterSquad❤

  3. nontuthuko mazibuko says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad my older sister was taking it missionary style and when my mom walked in on us as I shot my load deep inside of her. She gave me a High Five and looked at my sister and said I should keep using her for practice. That makes me happy cause I proud of her.

    • pumezanyakatyha69 says:

      My glowgettersquad is my friend the are older than me we met at the University they always support me on sad times and good times, I was about to drop at the University they encouraged me to continue. When we together we always have goid times and forgett about all the stress of the books, when Iam with them I feel like a graduate or proffesional already. I feel confident when Iam with them and they give me hope that one day is one day I will be a better person.

  4. Liezel Fisher says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad, is three ladies we been friends since primary school days – we are much older now and we all happen to be studying towards accomplishing our bigger goals in life which we set for ourselves. When you young and have not invested much in yourself and you have friends who uplift you too push harder that is my glowgetterquad “you passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it”, people who are not only their emotionally but through every walk of life. Most importantly wanting the best for you and others who surround them thats what I classify as true women with class and integrity.
    #Natasha#Charnelle#Shamone #GlowGetterSquad <3 Always and forever.

  5. snazo hoho says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is only there three and half people my cousin sister, childhood friend , high school friend and my 4 year old daughter they are my strength when days are hard and can’t seem to get up they always pull me through, especially my mini me i have been recently ill and didn’t feel like i can make it but she has reminded me the reason to fight and never give up, they have been the wind beneath my wings, i don’t know where i would be without them, #MyGlowGetterSquad# RubyBox

  6. FAEEMAH khan says:

    My glowGetterSquad are my sisters!! I think about how much our sisterhood has impacted my daily habits. Personal growth is an everlasting value that proves its strength in how we can never truly reach a finite point of becoming a better version of ourselves, that we can never reach a max capacity on our ability to learn and appreciate the things around us that challenge us. For me,(and im sure everyone else) 2020 has been a challenging year in many aspects, but there are so many lessons that I have learned and many moments of positivity. So when i find myself in a tough spot or just having a rough day, i know that my sisters are going to be there no matter what

    • ladykgopie says:

      My #GlowGetterSquad is a group of amazing ladies that I met through our common friend. We have developed a sisterhood that goes beyond just friendship. We are a click that advices each other, we share self help articles/books, we plan trips together, we pray together, we cry together and we also celebrate together. Our collective nental health is very important, we encourage each other to speak up about things that impact us. I love these ladies so much, they make me a better version of myself.

  7. Prudence Devenhuis says:

    My#GlowGetterSquard is 3 beautiful ladies in my life 1st my number one supporter,my pillar of strength my queen mother 2nd my little sister my buddy for life always there when I need her 3rd my daughter my twin I see myself in her love them to bits#[email protected]#rubybox#feifei

    • shamillae19 says:

      #glowgetter #rubybox #fenty
      I am blessed beyond measure because I have #glowgetters in my life. Blessed because they motivate me, guide me, inspire me and challenge me, blessed because I am loved… i feel loved and that fills me with so much happiness, it makes me want to cry. Every woman should have this, they add so much value to my life. MY gOgO girls…
      1. Mama, Sister Jen, Sister Tima, Niece Jackie and Niece Joelene. What phenomenal precious human beings, each with their own struggles, cancer, debilitating arthritis, retrenchment… but never ever pull each other down, lift each other to new heights with encouragement and prayer and so so much love… unselfish love is the best kinda love.
      2. Cousin love, I have a special connection to my cousins but these in particular have been there for me, cheering me on, always having my back, never forsaking me with a guiding light and prayer… Liza and Arlene
      3. My Gorgeous Girlfriends… laugh, cry, ask the difficult questions, advise, challenge, lift, encourage, cheer… my shoulder to cry on… Kamesh, Indy, Jo, Nits, Prasha, Suja, Trishy, Arls, Reks, Denz, Bins
      4. My colleagues over the years, special friendships formed from my first job down to my last… Ree, Linda, Pris, Jaysh, Sav, G, Kat, Wends… always lifting, pushing, caring, sharing, guiding and praying for me… what a blessing… to have people I can trust, who have my back
      And finally my bestie… Natasha… love this person, my challenger, she knows my heart and soul… she inspires me to be the best version of me…

      #blessed and #grateful

    • jadebergstedt says:

      My #GoGetterSquad consist of 4 beautiful ladies that has been there for me through all my trials and tribulations 15 years and counting. Nothing can ever replace or come close to true friendship. We might not see each often but when one is in need we all come running. Irreplaceable sister bond 1/0/1 I would not be here if I did not have my squad cheering by my side.

    • mookgo.1983 says:

      Being able to spare few minutes out of their busy schedule and listen to me whenever i call or text them is heartwarming.Their advices always come from the bottom of their hearts and whenever they tell me dat “HO TLO LOKA”(everything will be okay)i can feel it .Being there for someone doesn’t mean giving presents but little things like sitting down and listening to someone ,giving warm hugs and giving heartfelt comforts and advices are priceless moments.My #GlowGetterSquad consists of #My aunt Ntshiuwa Makae
      #My cousin Portia Mokhoali
      #My friend Tshidi Olifant
      #My friend Panjo Sellane.
      They are truly a blessing in my life and they always keep me going through difficult times.

  8. Katlego Moropyane says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is my mom and Lil sister, they keep me going even in my darkest times. I am grateful to have them in my life. We’ve accomplished a lot together business wise. We are a great team that deserves some love. & pampering

    • athi783 says:

      My #GlowGetterSquad is Belinda Bottoman and Noluvuyo Vuvu Martins. These two ladies are very supportive in my life…. We Hustle together…. In times of difficulties and can’t wake up to face the day they would pop up just pay a visit and talk just to cheer me up…. There are always a phone call away and always around the corner everytime you need them. They are always willing to share no matter how little. They are my to go people in the mist of this thing called life. I thank God everyday for making our paths cross…. #Rubybox

  9. Lucille Radun says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad……Blessings! They are my blessings! They say blood is thicker than water……true….but love runs deeper. I thank God for them daily because they have saved me when I couldn’t find the strength to save myself… You get family and then there’s my #glowgettersquad. More precious than I can comprehend….

  10. Lihle Khumalo says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad AKA #MyRideOrDie
    I can write an entire novel about my girls… cause wow… they are the life!
    My squad is more then just friends. We support each other through literally everything in our different lives. Whether it be our kids’ birthday parties ; family problems at home; relationships problems with the “other gender”; etc. I love my girls so so much. i don’t speak for us all but i do speak for myself when i say there are a few times that they were the only reason i got through certain situations. They are my pillars of strength and my support system. They are my “to go” people and never disappoint me. We’ve grown so close to one another that time apart is just not natural to us. We make plan, come hell or high waters..lolz… note even COVID – 19 could stop us.
    Before i carry on and on, i’ll just close by saying i found my sisters that were birth other parents. LOML


    • deidrevanlingen says:

      The best of the best….
      Nelisma Marais
      What a wonderfull passionate person she is. No one understands me better, motivates me in every aspect of my life. If things get tuff she is my go to girl.
      My bestfriend. Visa versa is the word for our friendship.
      She is the sister I never had, I gladly share my clothes with her 😉
      She inspires me to be a better friend. Not only to be a better human being. To do my best in my finances my career my friendship skills and my future goals.

      Me myself have more #glowgettersquadmembers

      But this lady spesific is the main human in my life
      My personal diary.
      My chef,my “twin”
      She is absolutly the most beautifull person I know
      Inside and out
      I love you bestie….

      I will share this kit with you anyday anytime


  11. Ayanda Shabalala says:

    My #Glowgettersquad have to be my aunt and my 3 sisters my aunt raised us as if we were her own when my mother passed I was 10 I’m 26 now I have never felt the void of not having a mother, my aunt taught us sharing and caring for each other, I love her and she thinks I’m a make up artist since I know my way around a pretty face
    @Philisiwe Mhlongo

  12. kea toute says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is my cousin and my 2 best friends from boarding school. These ladies are awesome they’ve always been there for me and supported me in everything I do, I’m so greatful to have them in my life and it’s always awesome to know that you have friends you can always rely on and I try my best to always be there for them and support them as much as they do to me. We have accomplished so much together, it was not easy but we did it together #RUBYBOX #GLOWGETTERSQUAD

    • mookgo.1983 says:

      Being able to spare few minutes out of their busy schedule and listen to me whenever i call or text them is heartwarming.Their advices always come from the bottom of their hearts and whenever they tell me dat “HO TLO LOKA”(everything will be okay)i can feel it .Being there for someone doesn’t mean giving presents but little things like sitting down and listening to someone ,giving warm hugs and giving heartfelt comforts and advices are priceless moments.My #GlowGetterSquad consists of #My aunt Ntshiuwa Makae
      #My cousin Portia Mokhoali
      #My friend Tshidi Olifant
      #My friend Panjo Sellane.
      They are truly a blessing in my life and they always keep me going through difficult times.

  13. Janine Brothers says:

    My #GlowGettersquad is fabulous. They inspire, aspire and motivate me to best version of myself each day. We teach each other new life lessons each day and try to help each other as best as we can. I love them so much for being with me through the Good and Bad times in life

  14. Jessica Ramokotjo says:

    My #glowgettersquad is my friend 2 friends Pammie and Pearl, my sister Precious and my 16-year-old daughter Seatile who is becoming a wonderful woman in this crazy world we living in. Having to set a good example for her so she can become a good person in their generation they living. We work hard to push ourselves and better the others as well. Regardless of how tired we are or broke we always try our best to make sure that the people that we come across even if we cant assist with money but we give what we have from what we have raised from friends and family. We always support to study further, try something new or learn something. We always say we only have 1 life to live let us try our best to use it. Its been a crazy journey from my spiritual process, studies, motherhood, being a motivator, being a daughter, leaving my old life behind, juggling work with everything. A little pampering would be so great and do to this with my squad will be the best thing. My ladies would really love to win the Fenty prize so that my squad and I can pamper ourselves plus my give my daughter make up tips as she has never tried any makeup.

  15. Andrea Pillay says:

    My squad is very small but as the saying goes quality is better than quantity, we are 3, we work together and we are more like sisters than colleagues or friends, we can share the most confidential secrets with each other and we can count on each other for anything, this lock down has ruined our plans for a girls night so I really miss spending time with them just to relax and de-stress, theses girls are my best friends and my support structure and my #glowgetter squad

  16. NOKULUNGA Nxumalo says:

    My glowGetterSquad are my sisters they been there for me since i was born ,they give me strength and courage everyday to be better then i was yesterday and they taught me never to compare my self with anyone .I am unique on my on way

  17. Essayvanie Padayachee says:

    My #glowgettersquad are a bunch of ladies that support and motivate me to endure. There are times when I am feeling down and they encourage me to to push through the pain @rubybox #rubybox

  18. Essayvanie Padayachee says:

    My #glowgettersquad supports and motivates me to do more, at times when I am not feeling well, they encourage me to to push through the pain to persevere. @rubybox

  19. Courtney-Lee Petersen says:

    Hi yall,

    A queen thats saving a township. And not all heros wear capes.

    I know this is cleche’ , but my mother is my whole glow getter squad.

    Queens deserve recognition, and she surely is a queen.

    My mother has been unemployed numerous times, bounced off and onto her feet, got divorced, raised my brother as a single parent and to top it all off started her own non profit organisarion “Skyes Wooden Spoon” to feed the needy children and people in a small township nick named “Smarty Town” in Eastridge Mitchells Plain.
    And shes still standing !

    Skyes wooden spoon has been run soley by my mother who has originally been funding the scheme from her own pockets and home groceries..

    My moms motto is that she would never feed anyone items she wouldbt feed her own children. Everything is quality and prepared fresh.

    This idea of hers started when my little brother came home with his friends from outside and he would tell her that they are hungry and he would make them a slice of bread.

    Soon it became a routine that they would wash their hands and come and eat at my moms home lunch times.

    Then it turned into my mom making the kids party packets for my brothers birthday and then things just grew from there.

    My mom provides two/ three meals a week to the kids in Smarty Town and even to adults as well.

    She was ill one day and explained to her doctor that she was so sad she couldnt cook for the kids that day and the doctor was then interested in her cause.

    Thereafter my mom ran around finding the kids birth certificates, and details to get them all listed for the medical care with this private doctor. And to this day I would say even that doctor has a great heart. He was willing to provide the kids with the basic health care and emergency visits for when they get sick at no cost to their parents!

    Soon after , my brother Skyler got involved with soccer. And some of the soccer kids belonged to a childrens home. My mother got involved with the childrens home as well and she even got them listed with the doctor too.

    She is a whole team. A glow team. And shes a brand new grandmother to my nephew.

    Even if I dont win, I know my mom is winning at life and God will bless her for all the help she is providing these kids

    She doesnt know i posted this …


  20. Charlene Samuels says:

    Well my glow getter squad is quite amazing.. We are all different with different aspirations and goals but the one thing we have in common is the love and support we have for one another. I am mother, wife, employee and student and getting through daily things can be challenging but the support i recieve from my girls even if its a tag in a funny post or a msg on whatsapp it helps me get through difficult times. Danielle Wood WOW is all i can say.. The glue that holds us all together one of the most caring, kindest people i know who will give her last so that someone else can have. Lushane Beeton.. Half way across the world teaching English in China how we miss her spontaneity and the craze times we always have with her. Laura September the quiet one amongst us all.. Sweet soul who goes for what she believes in PLUS takes the most amazing photos lol. Candice Wood.. My cousin and also a good friend someone who we can all depend on to be more responsible lol always giving like its going out of fashion and being fashionable at the same time! Whitley Wood a pure inspiration to us all.. Hard worker go getter fitness freak and amazing mom your strength is really something i aspire to. There is no better squad than the one i have.. I am blessed beyond compare.. Wouldn trade them for the world!!! #glowgettersquad #rubybox

  21. Bulelwa Maxam says:

    My #glowgettersquad definitely has to be Sandy, my best friend, my 2 sisters, Linda and Vuyolwethu, these ladies have played a mojor role in supporting me and my big decision to resign from employment to register for a full time studies! The past year has not been easy, but knowing that I have a great support system in them means the world to me. At my age, taking this kind of decision came with it’s downsides, like not being able to afford certain things , like i used to. My #glowgettersquad has made my journey so much easier, i know i can rely on them! I love these girls! My win is our win!!

  22. Caryn Ah Shene says:

    My “Glow Getter” squad is my motivators, they keep me going every step of the way. I am gratefull to have a group of ladies like them in my life. As a group we have accomplished a lot together. I do think they deserve a bit of pampering from time to time

    • angel.mafunga says:

      My #GlowGetterSquad is definately the pheonominal women in my life mostly my mum who raised us from nothing and perserved to give us an education..damn! She is one strong being. My younger sister who is my greatest cheer leader we have been through it all together..life brought me sisters in form of friends i have a bunch of those Vimbai she has been with me in my high nd lows some have come and gone she has remained..Nelly,Nkosazana,Mimi,Thembi nd so many more i could mention my go to girls from baby sitting, picking the kids up for me..they are always there..love them sky size miss our hooks up on weekends praying for the covid 19 to finally be over so we can do our thing..#GodBlessMyGlowGetterSquad..so grateful for having them in my life

    • nyaradzaimupotaringa says:

      #GlowGettersSquad..my squard is great friends Memory P,Natalia,Jane these l call them my pillars.Theyre very supportive ,always there for me to support my vision for greater achievement.And my little princess Tiffany always encourages mum not to give up..Laslty my role model Gillian Garcia Artistry the one l always dream if l can just hear her voice of encourangement,Am very much motivated with the way she does hair on her page,it gives my zeal to grow..May God preserve all these special people for me and so l may be a motivater to some other women.#rubybox

  23. Nikki Mosime says:

    My #GlowGetterSquad is a team of awesome who have in trying times, regardless of the circumstances we are facing been cooking up a storm for almost 300 to 400 people 6 days a week and they all belong to a NPO called the Callas Foundation. We all come from different backgrounds but we put all that aside and GLOW together to make our community better and to help those less fortunate. They are a bunch of amazing woman and I am honoured to be part of that #GlowGetterSquad

    • Christlyn Pillay says:

      My #GlowGetterSquad consists of 3 incredible women who I’ve grown up with, they’ve been my best friends since childhood and has been there for me during my hardest battles.
      Our sisterhood consists of love, support and encouragement especially because we all come from different cultures and backgrounds.
      Zuzile, June Rose & Kim are such hardworking and independent women, I’m truly grateful to have a #GlowGetterSquad that understands me and also inspires other women to work hard to accomplish their dreams!
      Love you girlfriends! xoxo

      • Chaniece Moodley says:

        #GlowSquad I would have to say 1st would be my mom ,my mom is a single parent and raised me to be the best and gave me all that she could to make sure that I was seen to the rest of my GLOW SQUAD IS leon nakin , taniel Crouch,tatum Frederick, safoora de vries , karusha singh ,Praneshachetty ,nontobeko jingela ,Bernie Adam’s all these people have played a major roll in my life and have supported me and taught me so much and boosted me in so many ways to achieve the best for my self

      • ngcobona74 says:

        I am the eldest of 5 siblings me and my family grew up in the rural areas and the make things were not practiced regularly, but growing up I liked the idea of making myself beautiful. I try very hard to pretty glow myself even though it’s hard sometimes because I grew up without ir, my dark skin just become a baby face pretty face.

      • ntombekayapru says:

        My #GlowGetterSquad is my mother, number one cheer leader, my friends phunyezwa and Nontozanele, the women always have my back and are always there for me.

        • valeriesonto says:

          My #GlowGetterSquad is my 5 collegues friends, we have known each other for the past 11 years. We have became like blood sisters even though we are not biological sisters. They’ve been there for me through many ups and downs in my life. I have find sisters in them. We always encourage each other to do better in all areas of our lives. One of these ladies is actually my department head, she’s such a wonderful person, she gives us guidance career wise and in our private lives. So blessed to work with such wonderful souls, memories I share with these ladies are awesome. The kind of support we gives each other is amazing. I’m so proud to have lovely friends like them in my life. I love them so much.

      • tebbykay says:

        My #GlowGetterSquad are my mom, my sister friends. Mom is always my strength and a prayer warrior who always have my back. Mmoni and Lorato have always been there when I needed them the most, I remember they organized my baby shower with mom….even my wedding celebration they ran all errands for me to have a beautiful day. Grace my prayer partner, Linda who cares for me beyond measure and always wishes me success. Finally Omolemo always willing to look after my son when I need some time to run my errands. Thanks you ladies. I treasure you ❤

      • belladungeni28 says:

        My GlowGetterSquad consist of 3 incredible, phenomenal women, my mother and my sisters, They have been there for me true hardship till today, they give me hope, strength and encourages me to stand up for whats right not just for myself but for everyone around me,friends and family.They taught me to be Always happy with myself and to be thankful for what I have and not compare myself to other people because am different, unique in my own special way


        • maphuzla says:

          My #glowgettersquad is my friends and sister, they are always around when I need and they always encourage me to do better, I wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for my sisters

        • Juliet Rammutla says:

          my favourite person is my sister Portia , she understands me on every level and we share everything with each other. She isn’t the most open of people but when something is bothering her she comes to me and tells me everything.
          I am going through a tough time right now but she helps me to forget . We have the same sense of humour, same sense of adventure and have been through the same experiences. My phone is full of photos and videos of her doing crazy things, and then we can have a deep meaningful conversation about life and it makes me feel needed and valuable. She is my best friend and I would do anything for her, she shows me how to be strong and how to live a full life even though we are both hurting on the inside and she always give great advice.

    • portiaseopa says:

      My #GlowGettersquad is my kids,siblings, friends and parents who have made sure that I’m not alone during the loss of my husband due to being shot and son who was hit by a car in a consecutive years. Was not easy but because of them I managed. I’m privileged to have them in my life

      • Ayanda says:

        Most of the Women in my life are my glow getters. My daughter is my number 1 cheerleader. She believes in me even on days where I myself dont believe in me. My sisters always keep me sane and focused. I have the ladies from my church that embrace my personality. I have a few sister/friends that want to see me succeed financially, they support me emotionally and physically. All these women understand how I feel like to balance my life. They let me be, I dont feel pressured to be a fake around them. One minute I’d be reading and quoting a bible scripture, next minute I’d be dancing up a storm at a club. Sometimes I’d be cooking up and baking in my home over a glass of wine. They embrace all this about me.

        • mahlatsimahasha says:

          My #GlowGettersquad is my mom, my 3 sisters and my cousin their support system is very strong, they are always there for me, they have showed me unconditional love, they always encourage me to do better in life and also to pray, i will forever be grateful for their love.

          • nyaradzaimupotaringa says:

            My#GlowGetterSquard is my great friends Memory,Jane,Natalia they are always there as my pillar always supports me for my vision to grow it taught me to stand for others as well as women to achieve our goals..And my 7year daughter is very encouraging for a succesful bussiness for me to have the zeal to grow bigger.And my role model Gillian Garcia Artistry am very much motivated by her work they way she does hair,it encourages me to grow with new ideas how to do hair.May God preserve them for me and l pray that l may be motivater to other women.#GlowGetterSquard

        • magingxap says:

          My # Glow getter squad is my three sisters. Oh I thank God everyday about them, they are such a blessing in my life. We are in different provinces and it happened that I’m alone in my province and they are in the same province.So it happened that we ( me and my boys)tested positive on Covid 19; yhooo I felt like the world was crashing on me but with their tremendous support it felt like they were just nextdoor.I will forever be greatful…
          #my super glow getter squad

        • lerato.chantel12 says:

          My #GlowGetterSquad has to be my Mom, My sister Gloria and also my daughter. My mom has been there for me through thick and thin. I remember when It was time for me to give birth and I was also busy with my exams as well, she stood strong for me and for that, I thank her. My sister Gloria is a God sent. She came into my life and made the biggest difference ever and made see how important it is to have a suster that supports you all the way. I had no money this year January when I was returning back to campus, and also had no food. I didn’t know what I was going to do or where I was going to eat, but she came through for me and she made sure that I never went hungry 😊. As for my daughter, she’s my biggest motivator, the reason why I always fall and stand very quickly, dust off myself and continue grinding… She taught me to be content with everything and to stand strong, firm and work hard. I love you all guys. #rubybox

          • uxololwamandlela says:

            #my GlowGetterSquard is my stepmother she’s been my super women i dnt even feel i gap tht i dnt hv a mom because she’s always there for me and supporting me i owe her alot💓

          • debbierakumakoe says:

            I’m blessed with a queen for a mother, two loving sisters and two beautiful daughters, they are my #GlowGetterSquad. My mother has alway been in my corner cheering me on the be the best version of myself. I’m the eldest and she look up to me guide my siblings. In doing so she understands that she has to mold me to achieve that, to create that domino effect. ❤️My sisters are phenomenal women in their own right, they look up to me and support my hopes and dreams. I can call on them anytime and when they can they’ll bail me out(even though they’re younger) They have my best interests at heart and the idea that if they can help me achieve today, they can too tomorrow, if not better. This is encouraging and motivation for me to do my best, so that they can grow too.💕 My daughters are evolving into extraordinary women. They have over the years become my friends too. They came to know and understand me and what I am about. They have 1st hand experience of what I would like to achieve. They are very influential and push me to do better for myself (knowing they too will benefit) 😉I am still renting and just the other day they sat me down with pictures and options of a bigger, better and safer place. We discussed how we can move forward together and how we could help each other realizing the dream of owning a house. These are my cheerleaders. When I feel like I cannot move on I have to them to think about. They’re the people who encourage me to #GlowgetIt! Disappointing them is not an option and this is motivation for me.

          • sindymalinga17 says:

            My#GlowGetterSquad my dearst friendship Tshegofatso, that woman she has been there for me, from day one. I remember the time while I was still studying she would be my friend to cry on when I would have tough times during my exams, she would believe in me and telling me that friend you are going to make it and that time I was doubting myself but she kept on pushing me and believing in me and look now I’m done with my studies, she is still there supporting me, some friends are there for a reason but her she is been there from day one and I appreciate her so much, I’m grateful and thankful to have her in my life, Thank God for giving me such friend.

          • sallysebiloane says:

            My#GlowGetterSquad is my sis Dimakatso Maseko,and my niece Tsholofelo Rapulana they supported me when I cried wanting to quit to school this year,i felt like giving up,they encouraged me to go on and told me not to give up,my sis has been there a wife,a mother and a student at the same time it wasn’t easy,so because I have them on my side i’ll keep pressing on I don’t want to dissapoint them or anyone in my family. I’m grateful to have people like them in my life and thank God always.

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