Repair Your Hair During Lockdown From Past Damage

Lockdown is the perfect time to repair your hair and fight against the 7 most common types of damage, from brushing, drying, bleaching, braiding, colouring, curling and flat ironing which you may have done daily before lockdown.

Introducing TRESemmé® Repair & Protect 7. The first system to take on the 7 types of damage from the first use.


How does it work?
Formulated with Biotin and our Pro-Repair Complex to treat visible damage, Repair & Protect 7 instantly protects AND repairs the hair fiber from within, strengthening against breakage.

Your past hair damage can be repaired from within.
Using the TRESemmé® Pro-Repair complex, this product line repairs the appearance of chemical, mechanical, and heat damage that happens when styling, repairing your hair exactly where it is needed most.

The TRESemmé® Repair & Protect 7 line of professional haircare products contain biotin, and helps repair damaged hair, as well as split ends, while restoring your hairstyle and protecting your hair against the 7 most common types of damage.

Used in conjunction with other TRESemmé® Repair & Protect 7 products, this line makes hair look healthier and makes it easier to style for everyday hairstyles once lockdown is over.

Bring on the style. Repair the damage. View product page

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Test & Review

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278 thoughts on “Repair Your Hair During Lockdown From Past Damage

    • djackie957 says:

      Hope I get selected super excited..i’ve got natural hair and have a lot of hair loss and it’s so so dry it really needs this treat

    • jadebergstedt says:

      Because I wet look my hair alot it’s very damaged from the gels and hair products. Hopefully I can try this new product.Hair worries 1 0 1

      • 1985melene says:

        Thank you so much, I received my Rubybox , I can’t wait to test Tressmme shampoo and conditioner.#rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle

    • Xoliswa Ndaba says:

      I recently cut my natural relaxed hair due to heat damaged and having short hair can be a lil weird for me to am trying out different hair products and I would love to try out #TRESemmeé Repair and review it am already a big fan on TRESemmé I use the care&protect with vitamin B12 and karatin conditioner it’s been amazing stopping my hair breakage

    • thenjiwetesh21 says:

      Tresemme products it is the best more especially in winter it nourish the hair to be soo smoothly and prevent dryness and breakage of the hair I know it from the friend of mine she was using the product#RubyboxTresemmee products is the best

  1. marcellelerticia says:

    I would really love to try this product im sure it will make a difference on my hair. Hope i get selected for this one.

  2. ladykgopie says:

    Would really love to try this one out, I know how great the Tresemme Botanic range is, my sisters and I use it. I love the natural smell and how fresh my head feels after every use. I cant wait to try the Tresemme Repair and Protect 😊 #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle

  3. Sendra Lebethela Letsoalo says:

    Hope to be selected to test the Repair and Protect.I am currently using Tresemme Botanic range and my Afro-hair is loving it.

    • Maggie says:

      Winter takes away moisture and natural oils. Leaving my natural 4c hair dry and prone to breakage. I would love to try the new tresemme product. Botanical conditioner is currently my go to product.

  4. Nozibele Mpiti says:

    Received the email, invited my friends and they accepted my invitrs now I’m crossing my fingers to be amongst those who will be chosen to test the product ❤

  5. Mariam Mkhanda-Mcanyana says:

    I’m one of the selected rubies who’ll be testing and reviewing the Tresemme Repair and Protect 7. I can’t wait to receive my package. I’m sure my Afro will love it.

  6. Maletsatsi Mamabolo says:

    this one i would really love to try and indeed, lockdown is the perfect time to go on hair repair journey.
    you dont want to come out of lockdown looking like a mess lol #rubybox #rubyboxtresemme #TRESemmesa #Beaboutstyle

    • motshidisi.pule says:

      I would very much appreciate if i can be chosen. I have lost confidence due to my hairline. Im always wearing caps or doeks to hide the hair. If given an opportunity to use this product and see if it will be of good use to me, I’ll much appreciate. I have seen Tresemme products been advertised, so it will be joy for me to test the Tresemme products.

    • oliviamafunda says:

      I would really love to test this hair product .
      My hair is really dry and falling could really use the TRESemmesa Repair and Protect haircare.
      Please select me to test it.
      #TRESemmesa 💞

  7. naremacdonald says:

    Hope to be selected to test the Repair and Protect.I am currently using Tresemme Botanic range and my Afro-hair is loving it.

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