How To Layer for Winter

As the winter months approach, we’re finding that we can’t wear our cute spaghetti strap top and favourite pair of shorts anymore. It can be hard to look sleek and stylish in cold weather, but we’ve got the solution.

Layering is absolutely key, and pretty much required in winter if you want to stay as warm as possible. What if we told you that it doesn’t have to look bulky and can actually be a style in and of itself? Layering has actually become pretty trendy recently – people are even layering lighter clothing in summer months. Here are some tips on how to bundle up in the most fashionable way possible.

Go Back to Basics

Having staple pieces in your wardrobe to actually layer with in the first place is essential. We recommend always having thermal tops on hand as they’re super toasty and easy to hide underneath your heavier duty pieces. It’s also helpful to have a few sweaters and cardigans that you can interchange and layer in various outfits. And not to state the obvious, but a jacket would be helpful too.

Wear Overalls and Jumpsuits

These pieces are designed for layering! It’s worth it to invest in one of the two going into winter, as they’re easy to pop over a cute long sleeve and a warm pair of leggings or tights.

Wear Summer Dresses

Don’t put away your minidress just yet! You can use summer pieces to layer for winter too. Wearing a flowy spaghetti strap dress over a turtleneck with some woolly tights and boots is a super cute look that allows you to still use your favourite summer pieces.

Put Scarves to Use

Scarves make a beautiful accent piece as well as providing extra warmth. Once you take your jacket off, you’ll still have something pretty to keep you toasty. Try experimenting with both chunky knit and fabric scarves. There are so many different ways to style and tie them, so have fun with it!

Cinch at the Waist

This is such a great way to make layers look less frumpy. Cinching your fit at the waist will give you more shape and accentuate your hourglass. You can get jackets that have built in belts, but you can also use any cute belt that you have to do the trick.


All those clothes may seem like a lot, but it never hurts to accessorize! Adding a pair of statement earrings or a chunky necklace will always add something, especially if you match the colours correctly.

rubies let us know in the comments section below which winter layer inspo you will try this Winter?

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25 thoughts on “How To Layer for Winter

  1. Kgomotso M. says:

    This was very informative, I actually learned that one can still wear their summer dresses in winter and layer them up with a scarf and also put on some stockings

  2. Lynette L. says:

    I basically only own summer dresses, and now you’ve given me inspiration on how to reuse those dresses in the cold of the winter. Thank you for the tips

    • PRUDENCE M. says:

      I have lots of scarves and I get to try all of them during winter. I’m not really a winter person but I love dresses paired with turtle necks and long coats! Thanks rubybox for the fashion ideas. 😊

  3. Jolene S. says:

    Thank you. Love it! Especially the turtleneck with summer dress and tights ideas. will most definetly do that. I’m sorting out my closet for winter outfits at work and socially.