Dr Mona Vand's Facial Exercises that Beats Botox

Dr Mona Vand’s Facial Exercises that Beats Botox

We are all so focused on exercising our bodies, we forget about doing the same for our face. It’s time to channel that discipline we have for our bodies to our forty three muscles in our face.

What are face exercises?

Face exercises is like resistance training but for your face and instead of using normal gym equipment, you use jade rollers and your knuckles. It’s the same principle as normal gym exercises but instead of doing a squat you are moving, stretching and building muscles in your face.

What are the benefits of face exercises?

As skin ages it changes, by losing elasticity and building fine lines and wrinkles. When doing face exercises those muscles that help and firm the skin are worked in order for your face to become less loose and droopy. The face exercises not only tightens and sculpts your face but also reduces puffiness, increases collagen production, improves circulation, reduces water retention and inflammation. #winning

What do I need to do a face exercise?

Dr Mona Vand explains the anti-aging face lifting massage process.

 How often should I be doing face exercises?

Remember in order to see results you need to be consistent. Professionals recommend 20 minutes, six days a week and you are guaranteed to see results in less than 2 months. I know some of you are thinking who has 20 minutes of me time a day – well during lockdown there’s plenty of time.

Add this to your new routine, remember a change is as good as a holiday!

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