Budgeting Hacks for all the Different Types of Spenders out There

Budgeting Hacks for all the Different Types of Spenders out There

Money management has always been tough and now it almost feels impossible with all our monthly outgoings like tax and rent and who can forget the crumbling economy under the weight of Coronavirus no wonder most of us are having sleepless nights about money.

We thought it was time for a long-overdue chat about saving and budgeting. Here is some advice from experts in the industry providing budgeting tips for the 5 different types of spenders out there.

Online shopping addict

We ALL love a binge-buy but often these online purchases can quickly add up, resulting in a big scare for your budget. So how can you limit this from happening again? Try to adopt the slow fashion mindset and go to your local charity/thrift shops for some inspiration. This is both purse and planet-friendly and they won’t put something up for sale if it’s too worn or unclean. Another great option is if you can’t get by and need to do some online shopping have a look at which of your favourite online stores offer BNPL (buy now pay later) options.

Student debt Issues

Are student loan repayments getting you down? Remember that those repayments are based entirely on what you can afford. Also, keep in mind when it comes to budgeting that its best to pay off your student loan early then later when other expenses come creeping in. Another good thing to do is brush up on your tax know-how and always double-check your statements to make sure you are not being overcharged.

Redoing your Home

Redesigning your home is one way to guzzle all your extra hard-earned cash but there are a number of clever hacks to keep those costs down. Make a budget and stick to it – trust us its easier said than done. Reduce structural costs, such as removing walls or building new ones these all prove to be a lot costlier in the end. Make sure to use price comparison websites when filling and decorating your home.

Beauty treatments = monthly self-care

Beauty treatments are life – we hear you they make you feel good and they contribute to your self-confidence. But let’s just bring you down to earth in the sense that getting your nails done, hair dyed, eyelash extensions filled, self-tan applied, and feet Pedi-ed can all account for some serious dough being dropped! Why not consider doing some of these treatments yourself at home, for example doing your own nails. Let’s not forget the awesome inexpensive hair treatments you can purchase in-store leading to one less hairdresser visit and saving your pocket.

Being a new mum

Being a new mum might be amazing but it can put a serious strain on your budget. Some parents spend ridiculous amounts of money on their baby’s first year. I know buying little everything is so tempting but sometimes it’s just not necessary because they grow up so quickly. Try borrowing items from friends and family that don’t need them anymore.

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Will any of you be trying any of these budgeting tricks when the next payday comes around? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. rosetlhaole says:

    I’m a mom, and personally I don’t spare a cent when it comes on my 7 year old. This article helped me rethink my spending ways on my son, I might have to cut back a bit on things that are not necessities.
    Thank you #rubyboxsa for the advise 🙂

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