Bestie it’s time to #GlowUnapologetically  

rubies, LUX believes that true glow flows from the inside out and we think its time we acknowledge that. The women of today are multi-faceted in their beauty, authenticity, strength and resilience. But we sometimes choose to dim our glow due to societal pressures. 

It’s time to remind each and every woman that your beauty is a source of strength and we need to stop putting ourselves on the back-burner because we deserve to #GlowUnapologetically.  

It’s so easy to compliment and uplift your best friend when in need but do you ever take the advice you give? There’s a saying if you spoke to your best friend the way you speak to yourself your outlook towards yourself would be a whole lot different.  

We’d like to challenge the rubies who have tested & reviewed the Lux Even-Tone beauty bars to build each other up this month and be brave by being unapologetic about how they and their besties express their beauty and femininity. We know how scary that can be but we’re giving you the chance to call out a friend you feel has that unapologetic glow and celebrate her for all that she is.  

Stand a chance to win a prize valued at R2000 to share with your bestie and #GlowUnapologetically  

  1. Find this competition post on the rubybox website and on our social media platforms. 
  2. Comment on both the website and a social media platform of your choice tagging your bestie and telling us why she glows unapologetically. 
  3. Don’t forget to the leave the following hashtags #GlowUnapologetically #rubyboxLUX with your comment. 

 You can enter once per social media platform.  

 All comments and shared posts will be viewed, and a lucky rubybox member and her besties will be selected. 

Good luck! 

Competition T&C: This competition is only open to rubybox members and their friends. To enter you need to tag your besties in the comments below as well as on social media and tell us why she glows unapologetically. Each comment is a valid entry. The hashtags must be included. This prize cannot be exchanged for cash. Competition closes midnight on 1/12/2022 and the winner will be announced on 2/12/2022. The judge’s decision is final. The member with the winning answers will be contacted on 2/12/2022 and will need to confirm their email addresses for their vouchers to be sent to.  

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340 thoughts on “Bestie it’s time to #GlowUnapologetically  

  1. Busisiwe H. says:

    @tankisonkejane, she is one of the strongest woman I know, resilient and always hopeful She’s the ultimate mother and a queen who deserves her crown #GlowUnapologetically #rubyboxLUX

  2. Bokang P. says:

    My aunt glows unapologetically , radiates beauty and freedom. She has the biggest & brightest smile , She takes care of everyone and loves unconditionally. Is a chef in the making and a family therapist , I’ve got so much love for her #GlowUnapologetically #rubyboxLUX

  3. Nonny N. says:

    @[email protected] my bestie. You glow differently and beautifully and unapologetically. Life lessons have moulded you so beautifully. The fact that you are running your own race and not falling the “what the people will say” syndrome makes you so special. Your love and support to those close to you makes you so beautiful. You go through the most in your own life but you always have time for your loved ones. May God grant you more strength and show you more love. #GlowUnapologetically #rubyboxLUX

    • Sello M. says:

      My bestie @dr_phadu_glow unapologetically because she is so caring and loving.She takes care of her skin using Lux products to keep her skin more nourished

  4. Fanele M. says:

    Her glow begins from within she’s kind and loving, to outside with her smile and her eyes lightens up. She’s aunthetic, you can feel her presence in the room before she even open her mouth,her skins glows unapologetically and her sense of style complents her skin.
    #GlowUnapologetically #rubyboxLUX

    • Tshegofatso K. says:

      My friend @magdelinemokonyane glows unapologetically because of the glow she got from LUX😍. Her glowing beauty could even light the room with her beautiful face #GlowUnapologetically

  5. Nomonde M. says:

    She glows with her smile, style and laughter, always looking at the glass half full. Always there to lend a hand, arm & leg. I never walk alone cause she is always there. #GlowUnapologetically #rubyboxLUX

  6. Tamsyn K. says:

    She had a partner, father of her child who found out that she was cheated on with someone close to her and when she found out she was crushed and it affected the child, moved out
    the child found themselves in a dark place but because of her mother she was able to pick herself up and always told her mom not to be sad everything will be okay and hats off to her daughter they both are able to get up and have excellent school results GlowUnapologetically #rubyboxLUX @rubybox_beauty

    • Smangele M. says:

      My sister glow unapologetically because her glow begins from within , she like putting other people first.always there to lend a hand and she’s also full of love #GlowUnapologetically