rubies talk: diet & healthy eating

rubies talk: Diets & Healthy Eating

Welcome to our second edition of #rubiestalk – thank you to all the rubies who took part in our very first edition, “rubies talk: positivity” which you can find here. Our topic for this week is rubies talk: diets & healthy eating.

We want to hear about how things are going with you in regards to your regular diet & healthy eating as well as fitness and workouts.

Have you started getting active and walking more, or have you been couch surfing while comfort eating?

Let us know if you have any tips that have been working for you or if you have any questions on how everyone seems to be able to work out or run with a mask on except you? (Or is that just us….)

Comment below with any feedback, questions, or advice and respond to another rubies comment if you connect with it or if you have some advice. (*Click here to give topic suggestions or feedback on our #rubiestalk initiative)

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*This is an open space for you, our rubies, to speak honestly to yourself and with one another, encourage one another, and to offer or ask for help regarding the topic at hand. (*Click here to give topic suggestions or feedback on our #rubiestalk initiative)

40 thoughts on “rubies talk: Diets & Healthy Eating

  1. Lerato Moyo says:

    I started off eating as I pleased and indulging my sweet tooth. I then participated in a prayer challenge and I noticed that I really need to change the way I eat and be more active. Unfortunately I can’t really go full on proper diet as I wish because of finances. I took a decision to be more active, so I started running up and down my steps. I did not want to commit to something too tedious, something I wouldn’t enjoy or wouldn’t be able to motivate myself to do. To conclude the prayer challenge I fasted I must say I was so surprised at the level of clarity I had. Food is soo much more powerful than we think or understand. I really hope I can keep this up because I really hate being tired half the time, craving sweet things and the weight I have put on. Change starts in the mind so we have to be intentional about eating right, being more active and keeping our minds healthy and alert. #RUBY #LetsRise

  2. Noluhle Makhubalo says:

    What a wow? I was on banting doing welll then baam lockdown hit & finances had to be treated carefully so I started eating whatever was being eaten that day so as not to waste food or electricity. So to answer your question my diet and exercise plans are out the window. I will resume after lockdown is done. Big up to the ladies who have been keeping up with their diets and exercises.

  3. Noma says:

    Lockdown has not interfered with my exercise instead I do it more before I was lazy to to class exercise but now I joined an instructor on Instagram @nkosifitness who does class live every morning so I don’t miss a thing and my diet is the same I love home cooked food I hate junky and I have been consistent with my exercises have been doing them every day. I realise I love kick session there were not my favorite. Remember any exercise is better than no exercise And tomorrow we have fit fusion with virgin active at 8 please do join live and drop it like a squat

  4. Anda Mbambalala says:

    Lockdown has really affected my healthy eating and exercise routine. I have done a lot of binge eating , went back to eating anything and everything that I crave for, and as a result I have gained so much weight. Now that we on level 4 and can exercise, I have committed myself to get back to my runs and eat healthy. For the life of me I cannot run/ workout with a mask on, I suffocate.

  5. ayanda makhoba says:

    to be honest I have not worked out for years just been lazy. with my diet, it on and off the good thing is I am on my second day on a diet I just need to commit myself to start with exercising asap, watch this space.

  6. ncubesiphalegal says:

    When gyms closed it was very hard for me to accept that l cnt go to the gym anymore. However, I am getting used to exercising from home now and enjoying it.

  7. Gaisano Mogorosi says:

    So I have also started morning walks/jogging and walking up and down the stairs. You can also go to You Tube for home exercises I follow Mr&Mrs Muscle they have some fun and effective 10min or 15min exercises, they do get hectic though but they are doable…

  8. Natasha Cuttings says:

    Morning Ruby Family, I am on point with eating and fitness, try only eating fruits and vegetables, drink fresh 100% juices only, have smoothies. For weight loss try intermittent fasting. For sweet treats have dried fruit or banana smoothies with coconut milk and cinnamon .

  9. Nkosazana says:

    The healthy living tip is going well for me so far. I have introduced green smoothies to my diet and my digestive system is thanking me, together with my skin. Sometimes the things that really improve our healthy lifestyle are just a blender and greens away❤️

  10. Roslin Pizer says:

    I cnat wait for things to get back to normal…the uncertainty is driving me crazy…ive been binge watching series but come monday am back to my normal routine…

  11. Fizza Mohamed says:

    BLACK SEED OIL (cumin oil) AND OLIVE Oil. These are such vital oils to be put in our body. Black seed oil prevents all types of diseases. Honey, olive oil and coconut is good to drink and for your hair. So yeah some discoveries. Also remember to hydrate!

  12. Zikhona Nkwalase says:

    I have been extremely lazy to work out. The only walks I’m taking, are to the fridge! I recently asked my partner to draw up a workout plan for me. All the junk I’ve been consuming is showing up on my thighs and hips. I start with the workouts on Monday!

  13. Bridgett Obiyo says:

    For me honestly, i dont want to loose weight, no, infect, i have started following Whitneyysimmons nd doing her exercise😁, Im looking forward to a bit or hips, bum, nd flat tummy. Im js tired of looking like a plank as some would call me. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

  14. bongiwenkosip says:

    I recently started jogging in the morning. I can honestly say it’s the best thing that I have done for myself. Not only am I feeling better physically but I also feel like it gives me a chance to connect with my inner self. It’s the best feeling ever.

  15. nomusakubheka50 says:

    Am still trying cuase I woke up at 4am and do my workout squats, push-ups my lemon water or apple cider viniger, but not everyday though sometimes I feel lazy to do anything especially if I had to go to work.

  16. Natasha Keller says:

    High intensity interval training. Best if you feel you don’t have a lot of time. I exercise for about 10min a day. Look up Zuzka Light training on YouTube. Her short explosive training sessions will make you feel sexy again in no time.

  17. Fiona says:

    I am struggling for real!! I do go for morning walks but I am too use to sleeping in and I just can’t seem to get back into routine of healthy eating and exercising. Any tips please rubies?

    • Fizza Mohamed says:

      RULE-STAY CONSISTENT. I say take it a day at a time. Don’t over work yourself one day and thereafter become demotivated because your mind and body is not used to so much. Do a little exercise daily like very little. Start off slow and as you become fit and gain momentum then increase on it. But don’t go full on exercising. Take it a day and a time and important to stay consistent.

  18. Andalucia Kuželj says:

    A healthy diet and eating habits alone won’t maintain your weight. Exercise and physical activiry is so important! Be creatuve! Find new ways of doing old activities. Replace a yoga mat with the lounge carpet or use bottles of water instead of weights. Just stay busy. The best form if exercise of course is cleaning your house. Running up the stairs gives you a good cardio workout… sweeping and mopping works the upper arms and cooking is a whole lot of fun! Baking is super rewarding when all the fresh rustic bread is gone in 60 seconds! Keep the faith! Stay positive! Stay focused. Set goals. And knock the Covid right out of them! Loads of love and positive vibes from your girl Andalucia Kuželj AKA #KużeljKosmetics

    • Fiona says:

      I am struggling for real!! I do go for morning walks but I am too use to sleeping in and I just can’t seem to get back into routine of healthy eating and exercising. Any tips please rubies?

    • Meagan Van Stavel says:

      I have started the herbalife journey best decision ever
      Also you can start a business while be home which we have done as well. No need to get into contact with anyone. All social media even group workout over Instagram

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