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Fluffy Protein Pancakes

These Fluffy Protein Pancakes are easy to make and packed with 26 grams of protein per serving! This recipe is made with simple ingredients and no banana and is perfect for when you want to get some extra protein in the morning! • High in protein. Each serving of these pancakes has 26 grams of […]

The Folding Wrap Hack

These quick & simple Wrap Hack trend recipes can be used to make breakfast, lunch, dessert, and much more! If you’re looking for a fun way to take your lunch wraps & quesadillas to a whole new level you’re in the right place. This collection of Wrap Hack recipes is from the blog ‘Cooking With Ayeh’. […]

Fluffy Flapjack Cake with Creamy Vanilla Buttercream

When anyone asks me what my secret ingredient is in my baked goods I always answer with VANILLA!! I have always added a little extra to all of my recipes, it just adds that little something! This Fluffy Flapjack Cake with Creamy Vanilla Buttercream is the ultimate combination of breakfast and dessert. The layers of […]

What’s Cookin’ with New York’s Finest

What’s Cookin’ with New York’s Finest

Does Jennifer Fisher ring a bell? If not, she is a former stylist turned jewelry designer turned foodie. While embarking on this new frontier in the kitchen we find ourselves drooling over the incredibly delish meals and content she has been creating. If you haven’t already stalked her Instagram go check her out for yourself. […]

Quick & Easy Carb-Clever Dinners

Quick Dinners for Those Busy Weeknights

Ever since lockdown started we have really had to dig deep in terms of creativity in the kitchen. Running out of time after a day of working from home while catching up on your latest binge-series are true struggles right now. Let’s face it some of us were born in the kitchen in terms of […]

6 Delicious recipes to spice up your morning oats

6 Delicious recipes to spice up your morning oats

Nothing like some good old oats to kick start your day. These 6 DELICIOUS recipes from @simplyquinoa are quick, easy and a yummy way to spice up your oats in the morning using only a few ingredients! (Source: HOW TO COOK OATMEAL ‣‣ 6 Amazing Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipes – shared directly from here.) How […]

Cinnamon Apples & No-Bake Cookies

cinnamon apples and no-bake cookies

If you have a sweet tooth but are trying to eat healthily then the recipe for cinnamon apples & no-bake cookies is what you’ve been looking for. Lockdown has made it tricky to stick to healthy eating plans, and who can blame us? More TV and free time do sometimes lead to more snacking. So […]