Women On The Rise – Jeanne Koutandos [CocoGold]

CocoGold is a Luxe, yet affordable range of skin care products.

The range is 100% natural and made from coconuts, formulated with natural and raw ingredients to nourish and hydrate the skin. CocoGold is proudly South African, animal-friendly as well as handmade in the beautiful Cape Town.  (Click here to see our favourite shimmer oil for hair, body and face).

Founder and owner of CocoGold, Jeanne took sometime out to take a Q & A with the rubybox team take a scroll to get all the ins and outs on this gorgeous brand.


What inspired you to start your own company? 

For most of my life I’ve suffered from sensitive skin and eczema and although there are now more options available to those with sensitive skin, they aren’t all 100% natural – without harmful chemicals and preservatives. Inspired by trips to tropical islands, living in sunny Cape Town and a quest for endless summers, CocoGold began. It was initially because I found that there were limited natural sun protection and tan enhancement options available to me, so I created my own using organic and natural plant based ingredients sourced locally. I tested it on a few friends who couldn’t wait to purchase a bottle and from there on grew the range to include more options based on the wonderful fruit that is coconut!

What are some of the challenges you have faced along the way? 

The biggest challenge was being approached by CHANEL’s lawyers with a cease and desist letter, demanding I change my name and design of CocoGold. I had to hire a lawyer to take a stand and after 6 months of back and forth, I ultimately got to keep my name but had to slightly shift the logo. This was tough, as I had to pull stock from suppliers and go out of trade for sometime until the lawsuit was settled. Now I am building my way back up to where I was. Although, since then I have sent products to Taiwan and over the boarder to Swaziland.

When did CocoGold launch? 

CocoGold launched in South Africa in 2016.

Are you the sole owner of CocoGold? 

Yes, I am the sole owner and founder of CocoGold.

Where do you see CocoGold in the future? 

I see CocoGold expanding to retailers locally as well as branching into more stores abroad.

One piece of advice you can give our rubies who are wanting to start their own business/develop their own brand? 

If you have a passion and are able to create a business from it, then do it! Just make sure you have a goal and are willing to put your heart and soul into achieving that goal. Never give up even if it means keeping your day job and doing it on the side until it grows to be big enough.

Who would you say is the most influential woman in your life and why? 

My sister is my rock, best friend and the most caring, generous person I know – to anyone and everyone she meets. She is also a new mother and I am overwhelmed by how good of a mom she is as well as the love I feel for her and her baby girl.


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To find out more about CocoGold head over to their website or follow them on Instagram. Click here to shop our favourite CocoGold product.