rubies talk: 2021 & Goal Setting

Happy New Year rubies! 

Entering a new year can often be overwhelming. Is it going to be better than last year, or am  I going to stick to the goals I make this year? Trust me we hear you and feel the exact same way especially when it comes to goal setting. 

It’s all well and fine when we create these amazing goals for 2021 but have we put in the necessary steps to ensure we can fulfill all the requirements of the goal throughout the year? That’s the big question.

With this in mind, we thought to maybe open the floor to all our rubies and see how they are doing with regards to goal setting and trying to stay accountable for these goals throughout the year?

Comment below and share your tips and tricks with us because remember we are all in the same boat.

rubybox HQ ♥︎

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6 thoughts on “rubies talk: 2021 & Goal Setting

  1. brigitteborelsaladin says:

    Love these ideas on how to stay accountable. My friends are my biggest supporters and in order to stay accountable I often will message them to tell them once I have completed my exercise for today by sending a sweaty selfie.

  2. asathimagwaza says:

    There is nothing more important then staying focused and once you set a goal be sure to achieve it… And having positive energy around you as well really helps… Having people that have the same mind set as you❤️

  3. thembisathethani says:

    Hey Rubies

    I have listed down each and every goal I want to achieve this year and one of them is to get a job and also lose weight, I’ve started applying for jobs I must say it’s tough but we leave by faith, also started eating healthy and also doing some home exercises and once again thanks to Rubybox for the tips and tricks you shared for fitness, the Instagram page shared is really helpful.

  4. Mokgobeng Masello Madingwaneng says:

    I have a book where I write down all my wishes for the new year, when I reach one I scratch it out and the following year I check the goals that I did not achieve if they still valid and start my yearly list.

  5. Angelique Prins says:

    I have friends that keep me accountable or more encourage me in the journey. I have list on my wall to see my goals and to keep track of what needs to be done.