Quick Dinners for Those Busy Weeknights

Quick & Easy Carb-Clever Dinners

Ever since lockdown started we have really had to dig deep in terms of creativity in the kitchen. Running out of time after a day of working from home while catching up on your latest binge-series are true struggles right now. Let’s face it some of us were born in the kitchen in terms of getting creative with food and some of us have no idea what we are doing when we are in there. (We are the latter in this!)

Often those quick-fix dinners we seek tend to be a lot more carb-based then we would like which is great for comfort food cravings but not when lockdown had us seeking too much comfort already! With the winter months upon us, we thought to find some fun carb clever meals to try without the focus being too much on health. We have included a variety of dishes for every mood be it a girl’s night or just a simple dinner for one, we have got you covered!

Taco Salad


Mexican Stuffed Peppers

Barbeque Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


Caprese Chicken Nachos


Buddha Bowl


Spaghetti Arrabbiata


Chicken Thighs With Creamy Mushroom Garlic Sauce

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So rubies who of you will be testing these recipes out? Let us know in the comments section below, we can’t wait to try them ourselves!

Stay home & Stay safe

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  2. ARETHA T. says:

    Healthy yummy quick meals a must try, due to our hectic schedules work, kids, homework I really don’t have extra time spare in the kitchen especially Monday To Thursday, so I’m super blown away by watching the videos and seeing how easy quick and also healthy the meals are I’m trying my first meal tomorrow#Mexican Stuffed Peppers.. Yum yum will keep you posted..