Meet the NEW ‘Glow’ In Town – Bernini Amber

Introducing the NEW Glow in town, Bernini Amber. rubies are you ready for this GLOW?

The NEW Bernini Amber, is a Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzante, light and delicately sparkling with a soft orange-gold colour.

The taste is a complex balance of sparkling wine notes mixed with delicate fruit characteristics and a sweet scent.

Bernini Amber six-pack of cans (440ml) R99.95 – Bernini Amber six-pack of bottles (275ml) R79.95

Purchase your Bernini on the bottles app or at any bottle store. Not For Persons Under The Age Of 18. Drink Responsibly.



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626 thoughts on “Meet the NEW ‘Glow’ In Town – Bernini Amber

  1. bonnie badenhorst says:

    Bernini is one of my favourite ciders, would love to try there new flavour #rubyboxBerniniAmber #rubybox #BerniniAmber #BerniniSA #TheNewGlowInTown #NaturalSparklingGrapeFrizzante #GlowResponsibly

  2. Chinyere Emeka says:

    It looks amazing and sparkling when looking at it. And i believe it will do justice to fish barbecue. Mmmmmmmm i wont minding tasting this amazing drink.

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