How to Get the Best Brows of Your Life

Brow care can be overwhelming, especially since they’re the all-important shapers and framers of your facial structure. We always seem to see perfectly manicured brows on social media, but how do we get them ourselves? Here’s some handy tips for shaping and taming:

Don’t Over-Pluck!

This is a super common mistake when trying to get rid of those rogue hairs. It’s not a bad thing to pluck as a method of clean-up, but plucking is never a great way to actually shape your brows. Leave that to professionals and good brow products! When you do tweeze, do it as far from your actual eyebrow as possible just to get rid of strays.

Pick Up the Right Products

There are about a million eyebrow products to choose from – how are we supposed to know what to use? The trick is to first identify what it is that we actually want to improve about our brows.

If you want to fill in patchy spots and add definition, go for brow powder and an angled brush. If you want to shape and comb your hairs, try a brow gel – these are varied, and you can get them clear or tinted. It’s normal to be unsure of what you want to do, so make sure to play around!

Consider Threading

If you’re able to go to a professional, threading is by far the most effective way to precisely shape your brows. It gently pulls the hair out of the follicle by putting light pressure on top of your skin – this also means that it’s able to pull short hairs out from under your skin, something that waxing can’t do.

It is possible to do it yourself but it takes loads of practice, so make sure you see a professional before trying it out.

Apply Products with a Flicking Motion

Whether it’s powder, pencil or gel, make sure not to apply your product with harsh long strokes. You want it to blend seamlessly into your eyebrow hairs, so try to replicate the look of them as best you can.

Blend Blend Blend!

Make sure you don’t have any super harsh lines left above or below your brows by blending them all out with a brush. You don’t want to look like a Disney villain!

Comment below and let us know if any of these tips were helpful for you to achieve that ultimate brow look?

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  1. Julie B. says:

    Thanks for this helpful article Rubybox, I struggle with my thin dull eyebrows, I try to use a black eyeliner pencil most of the time, now I am using the eyeliner pencil with my brown eyeshadow and brush, they are looking much thicker now, I also stopped plucking !!! :):)