January Newsletter 2021

HELLO 2021!

rubies- happy, happy new year🍾🎉  We hope you had an amazing festive season and that you’re fully rested and READY for the year ahead!

We can’t wait to get the year started with you and to share all the exciting new campaigns launching in the next few months! Be sure to keep an eye out for the opt-in surveys we’ll be sending you. Please be sure to update your delivery address & beauty profile in the meantime so we have all your updated info for when you are selected for a test & review campaign!


With every year come new goals and resolutions. What career, physical and mental goals do you have for this year and how are you planning to achieve them, realistically? Share with us in the comments!

Coronavirus and the effects of the pandemic have left many of us feeling constantly drained. Research has proven that every single system in the body benefits when you are more active. You sleep better. You have more energy. You find yourself in a better mood. You think more clearly and remember better. Your bones become stronger!

Who would not want to start a new year feeling great and refreshed?

You know physical activity is good for you. However, that is not always enough to get or keep you moving. You are not alone. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Park further away from your workplace or the store
  • Walk during your breaks at work and over your lunch break
  • Instead of having coffee with friends, take a walk with them!

Workout apps are also a great way to keep yourself accountable and see results, they are especially effective as they can be personalized for you. Features include training goals, specialized diets or contact with “real live trainers,” people are more motivated to work out more consistently. Here are 3 of our FAV apps to use for setting you realistic physical goals:


Runtastic allows you to set goals, uses a built-in GPS to record routes in real-time, and even lets you share your successes with your friends.


  • By tracking your mileage, Runtastic gauges what wear and tear your trainers are enduring
  • App syncs with Apple Music to offer high tempo playlists for true musical motivation

CLICK HERE to download!


You do not have to be a full-blown ‘yogi’ to use Asana Rebel. This handy little fitness app offers the perfect introduction to the regime. Rather than bombarding you with annoying notifications, you get a green dot on the built-in calendar when you train.


  • You also get two new workouts everyday so you will never get stuck doing the same old routine.

CLICK HERE to download!


Your “ultimate personal trainer,” and with a library of more than 185 free workouts—from strength- and endurance-based routines to mobility and yoga sessions—all featuring virtual guidance from Nike Master Trainers, their tagline is pretty damn convincing.


  • The app provides daily recommendations, and the more workouts you log, the more personalized these picks become.
  • Equipment-free workouts that will still leave you sore the next day.

CLICK HERE to download!

We hope that you have the most incredible 2021 rubies, wishing you and your family the most amazing year of health, success and happiness ♥︎


26 thoughts on “HELLO 2021!

  1. allycoetzee says:

    Thanks for the tips💕 physical fitness is definitely a #1 on my todo list. There are some great at home work out that require little to no equipment and leave you feeling absolutely amazing and ready for a new challenge 🔥

    I’m super excited about 2021💃

  2. Mariam Adams says:

    Happy new year rubies! I am so ready for 2021…….2020 could not break me it only made me stronger. It taught me to love harder, be kinder and that everyday is indeed a blessing. to be here. We do not need anyone’s approval to be happy… just be the queen you are meant to be. 💃

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