Eat Your Way To Healthier Skin

Besides sun exposure, eating the incorrect foods are one of the main culprits when it comes to skin damage and premature aging.

But this is not all bad news because our diet can be a powerful tool in fighting the aging process and helping our bodies protect our skin. This doesn’t mean you can never eat fries again, but it is all about finding a good balance of whole nutritious foods.

Here is a list of healthier swaps for healthier skin:

Sweet potato fries – We all know how great fries taste, but they aren’t exactly the best choice when it comes to healthy skin. This is because both fried foods and salt can be harmful for the body in the long run.

When food is fried at high temperatures it releases free radicals, which in turn speeds up the aging process and causes cellular damage to the skin. Therefore we suggest you reach for sweet potato fries instead. They are rich in anti-aging copper which aids in the production of collagen.

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Poultry РOpt for meats that are not processed as these often contain very high amounts of sodium, sulphates and saturated fats. Processed foods has been shown to dehydrate the skin and cause inflammation.

Swopping out processed foods for either chicken or turkey is a great alternative as they are packed with amino acids. Amino acids are important as they aid in the natural formation of collagen.

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Avocado or Olive oil – We all know how yum margarine may taste but did you know that it can make the skin more vulnerable to UV radiation, which can damage collagen and elasticity.

Therefore for a healthy swop, try using avocado or olive oil in its place. You can spread these on sandwiches or even use them to top a baked potato. Both foods are rich in anti-aging antioxidants, bonus.

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Fruit with honey and yoghurt – Consuming too much sugar will lead to a number of health issues. Not only does sugar lead to health issues but it speeds up the aging process of the skin by damaging your skins collagen.

If you tend to have a sweet tooth, try satisfy your sweet craving with fresh fruit and greek yoghurt with a hint of drizzled honey.

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Sprouted wheat bread – Time to ditch the processed carbs if radiant skin is the look you are trying to achieve. Instead opt for antioxidant-rich sprouted grain breads that contain no added sugars. They are hearty and will keep you fill for long periods and your skin will certainly appreciate it.

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Let us know if you have any healthy food swops that you swear by for glowing skin . X



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