Bust odour. Smell irresistible – The AXE Effect

When you smell good, good things happen, isn’t that right rubies?

When you smell good you’re a little more confident and life opens up a world of possibilities. Attraction is for everyone and between anyone, doesn’t matter your race, your sexuality or your pronouns. If you’re into it and they’re into it, we’re into it and that is the AXE Effect.

It’s all about the law of attraction for us and scent is definitely a very important factor for both men and women. Think about it, it’s probably the only thing you’ll remember about that gorgeous mystery man you bumped in to.

Each AXE Deodorant Body Spray has its own unique masculine scent allowing any man to find their signature scent. Smell irresistible while staying fresh! With a simple shake, twist and spray you’ll find your magic along with 48hrs of protection.

AXE Gold Deodorant Body Spray

Axe Gold Deodorant Body Spray is a classic masculine scent for sophisticated men. Every man needs a signature smell that makes him feel his very best. AXE Gold Deodorant Body Spray has a oud wood and dark vanilla fragrance making you smell irresistible while staying fresh.

Available in:

AXE Gold Deodorant Body Spray 200ml

AXE Gold Deodorant Body Spray 150ml

AXE Black Deodorant Body Spray

AXE black deodorant body spray has a subtle woody-aromatic fragrance, combined with a blend of fresh watermelon, warm bergamot, sparkling mandarin and frozen pear. This together with an intense spicy-sweet touch of cardamom, will get all senses tingling.

Available in:

AXE Black Deodorant Body Spray 200ml

AXE Black Deodorant Body Spray 150ml

We sent a survey to our rubies a few weeks ago to opt-in for their man to test this product. If you opted in, we could be sending this product for your man to test so be sure to look out for our ‘congrats’ email.

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  1. mapzo.nazo35 says:

    My son has the worst bad odour I have tried everything with him it doesn’t work, I would love to try out the new Axe effect on him..
    #rubybox #AXE #rubyboxAXE #NonStopFresh #TheAxeEffect

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