Become The Ultimate Plant Parent

Adulting comes in many different levels. I think the most basic form of adulting would be owning and looking after your very first plant. The next level would be having your own fur kid and lastly moving up to having your own child one day.

As easy as these things might sound they come with a lot of responsibility especially when it comes to be a plant parent for the first time. The idea is to try keep your plant green and happy for as long as you can so when your plant baby starts getting brown tips instant stress and anxiety can kick in.

Here are the 4 most common things causing your plants to develop brown tips:

  1. Not Enough Humidity

Some plants require moisture – annoying we know but when the air dries out our plants tends to take a bit of strain. No that doesn’t mean you need a humidifier. The best way to solve this problem is to group your houseplants together to help keep the humidity levels higher. Another great place to keep your plants when worrying about lack of humidity is in the bathroom.

  1. Not Enough Nutrients

Due to your plant baby being a houseplant it often doesn’t get the benefits of being in the outdoors, like it would in their natural environment. Try adding some organic fertiliser to your care routine in summer months once every two weeks should be enough. Remember too much of a good thing can also kill them so don’t over fertilise your green girls.

  1. Inconsistent watering

Like us your plant babies also like a routine. Make sure to thoroughly water them and allow them to drain well. They will become very unhappy if you give them a good drink of water one week and then change to ice cubes the next week. Don’t forget they are like fussy little kids.

  1. Chemicals in Tap Water

Some plants and can very particular with what water they get. Often some tap water can contain a lot of chemicals. If that is the case rain water and filtered water might be your best bet for your green girls.

Stick to this plant care routine rubies and we promise your green girls will be forever grateful. Also if you want more tips on how to care for your plants give this gal @hermeraki a follow for all things green.

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Let us know in the comments section below if this was helpful and how many houseplants you have at home rubies?

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15 thoughts on “Become The Ultimate Plant Parent

  1. Pamela S. says:

    Thank you for tour ideas.
    I have a plant that became to big for the pot. It was nice green healthy.
    I’ve decided to devide it into two and planted them in two separate pots. Now they’re not doing well at all.
    I have fertilized with bone meal and vulcanic dust.